How to Stay Healthy and Eat What You Want This Holiday

How to stay healthy and eat what you want this holiday


This time of the year isn’t called “the most wonderful time of the year” for nothing, but rather because of the great food, company, and season of giving. Every year millions of people look forward to the people they will spend their time with, and the food that they will get to eat; but for others, this time can cause more problems than they want. During the holiday’s we indulge until we can’t eat anymore, which can be great to our taste buds, but not great for our belts. You shouldn’t have to worry about what you're eating during this time and what it’ll do to your weight, but rather here are some helpful tips to get you through the holidays while staying healthy.


No mindless eating

During the holiday’s food is available to us all the time, whether it is pie, turkey, or rolls, and sometimes it can be hard to realize that we are eating so much. Everyone always tells you that it shouldn’t matter what you eat during the holidays because you can always go right back to your diet, well for some this isn’t always the case. In order to stay healthy during the holiday’s one of the most important things to do is remember no mindless eating; sometimes we're just trying to indulge and before we eaten two desserts, an entree, and a turkey dinner. It is not wrong to indulge every once in awhile, but it is wrong to indulge too much, that is while during the holidays we should stay consensus. Some ways to do that are through apps such as:


MyFitnessPal (Free)

Rated one of the best nutrition apps, MyFitness Pal has over 5 million different foods on its app, so no matter what you are eating you will be able to track it on this app. With the ability to count calories, this app will help you stay healthy during the holiday season, and it won’t take long to do it because with this app in less than 5 minutes you can have all your calories throughout the day charted.



The holidays are always the busiest time of the year, and sometimes tracking all your calories can take up just too much time throughout the day; With FatSecret, though you can track what you are going to eat beforehand. Sometimes knowing exactly what you are going to make the next few days isn’t only easier on you, but also on your family.


Make your own food

With all the bustle and hustle that comes from the holiday season sometimes making your own food can come second, sometimes it can just be ordering a pizza instead of making dinner. However, this becomes a problem when it is happening frequently, instead what should happen is to make your own food. Whether this is just a weeknight or on Christmas, it is always better to make your own because you can say what goes into it. Whether you want to cut out gluten or sugar in a recipe is all up to you because you dictate what goes into it.


Eat what you love

Sometimes we think that in order to stay healthy we must stay away from everything that we love, which can be very hard during the holiday season. However, it is ok to eat what you love, whether it is that pumpkin pie or that oven roasted turkey. Christmas is a time of giving, and you shouldn’t have to take away the things that you love. One of the best ways to eat what you love, while still being healthy is browsing the web for recipes. There are recipes out there for sugarless cake or gluten-free cookies just waiting out there for the taking, with reviews so you know exactly what you are getting into. Christmas should be a time of fun, so experiment with the things you love.



With Hallmark Channel running Christmas movies all day long, and a vast supply of Christmas cookies, sometimes we forget that we need to stay active. Somedays it is just better to stay inside with the heat, then to brace the cold, however, this can cause us to gain that unwanted holiday weight. Staying active is very important during the holiday’s so in order to stay in your natural rhythm. Some ways to stay active during the holidays are sledding, getting a workout buddy, and dance. The holidays don’t always have to keep you inside, but rather maybe it is better to embrace the weather; act like a kid again go sledding or make a snowman.