How to solve relationship problems without breaking up


A relationship always has the potential to develop problems in between two individuals. While there are happy and joyful moments that a couple enjoys, there also comes deadlocks. It becomes hard to get through such challenges without parting ways. Several reasons could contribute to why such a situation emerges and how to deal with it without breaking up. Here, we will try to figure out the reasons and ways a couple can get through distressing relationship obstacles.

  1. Communication is key

Even if two people are unable to get out of an unsolvable issue, it is important to communicate. Break that barrier and get to the root of it. It is needed that you communicate with your partner regarding what you like and what you do not like. Continue conversing until both of you reach a mutual agreement or a compromise that works for both of you. Differences between two people may not be the real issue; not conveying them to each other is.

  1. Let go of expectations

It is difficult but not entirely impossible. You get into a relationship to feel emotionally supported and provide it too. We often tend to achieve perfection in all our matters. This desire brings the load of associating expectations from your partner and vice versa. We are so caught up in ‘being the ultimate' that we forget to enjoy the moment. Bear in mind that neither you nor your partner is perfect. So drop the expectation that anything else will turn out to be perfect either in your relationship. Do not limit your love for your partner by setting deadlines or expecting to fulfill promises.

  1. Admit when you are wrong

It is not easy but it can work wonders for you and your partner. You may not be able to avoid fights but you can neutralize the situation later by assessing your behavior and apologize if you were wrong. And before you get into another argument, it is highly advised that you have cleared the air for all your previous quarrels. Things do not take time to build up and this could make things worse in the long run.

  1. Make a list of stress-reducing rituals

Do you enjoy being in a relationship with your partner or is it all about stress? If the latter is your answer, then you must figure out some stress-reducing rituals that both of you could do together. Fun is an important element of any relationship and should not be taken for granted. Learn about what you two will enjoy doing together. Take a bubble bath or couple massage. Go hiking. Revisit the place where you two first met. Laugh together. Laughter is the best stress-reducing therapy.

  1. Spice it up

Lastly, do not forget to add spice to your relationship. Physical intimacy is one of the most important factors that keep the relationship alive. One of the reasons for breaking up is usually when one partner or the other loses physical interest. The effects of sexual dysfunction in men can alter the dynamic of a relationship. However, there are treatments and medications such as generic cialis available capable to treat sexual dysfunction.