Increase Visibility With Lights


Increase Visibility With Lights



When it comes to lighting in your home there are many decorative and creative ways to warm your home. You can change the whole atmosphere of your home by carefully using lighting. Lighting in your home has mood increasing benefits while also plays a role of functional illuminating task areas. Before purchasing lights for your home it is important to know where and how lighting will affect each room of your home.


Ambient Light


Ambient lights and wall lights are used to create a calming atmosphere. There are softer than halogen lights, ambient lights are recommended in areas of the home where soft focus light for relaxation is required. Areas of the home in which ambient lights are useful are dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms.


Accent Lights


Accent lights are used to create a dramatic effect in the home. They can be used to highlight key featured areas such as an alcove, displays, and fireplaces. The Ideal placement to accent lights are in the living room, creating an overall level of light.


Task Light


Task lighting is used to give off a bright focused light fixture one position such as a study room or even an entertainment system. If task lighting is used in a study room or home office, the task lighting will then take the form of a halogen desk lamp. Task lighting are a good source of light to focus on areas for reading or working.  


The Hallway


The hallways of your home gives visitors their first impression. Hallways lighting is important to create a warm and welcoming effect in your home. Lighting that is great for your hallway are hanging pendants, wall sconces, lanterns and chandeliers.


The Living Room


The living room is very important when it comes to lighting. Living rooms are where most of us spend our relaxation time. This room in your home is also where we tend to gather with friends and family when bonding. When it comes to lighting in your living room, you will want it to be both controllable and functional. This space is used for so many different settings, making the lighting adjustable will help make your living room inviting.


The Dining Room



The dining room is used for relaxation, family meals and dinner parties. By strategically placing track lights or pendant lighting directly over your dining room table it will create a warm dining setting while also ensuring that your family and friends will be able to see and enjoy their meal.


The Kitchen


When it comes to your kitchen it is important to make sure the lighting is always utilitarian and task friendly. Since the kitchen is used for preparing meals, it is important to be able to have a direct amount of light on the task at hand. Kitchen lights pointing down onto your work surface will create clinical effect.


The Bathroom

The bathroom is an area of your home where the lighting show match the layout and mood. It is ideal to have a single focused shower downlight. It is also important to have lights places over the sink area for wash-ups and mirror use.


The Bedroom


The bedroom is a place where we all go for unwinding and relaxation. The lighting in your bedroom should be a calming soft light. Lamps or wall lights in the bedroom are great for reading and can conveniently be switched on and off.