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David Parker Fashions

Photography by Christopher Montano

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With roots in both coastal California and rural Idaho, designer David Parker likes to explore the influences different cultures had on him. A mix of opposites is found in his work; concepts of soft and hard, new and traditional, familiar and foreign all run throughout his unique designs. Striving to make his dresses more than pretty, Parker also draws inspiration from current events, religion, politics and other art forms. Parker is currently finishing up his degree in fashion design with aspirations to become a recognizable name in the global fashion scene. FINE Magazine spoke with Parker about his design process and overall vision.

How did you get started in the fashion business?
As cliché as it sounds, in middle school I had seen an episode of Project Runway and was instantly obsessed with fashion. Looking back, it was a natural progression of my artistic inclination mixing with my observations on appearance. It wasn’t until college when I attempted to be an accountant that I realized I couldn’t suppress my desire to be a designer any longer and had to move my “hobby” to my career choice.

David Parker Fashion

Do you prefer to start with a material or choose a look before deciding fabric?
I definitely start with a concept, symbolism and a mood that I want to work in, adding depth and meaning beyond the surface of the clothing. With the concept as the jumping off point, I develop a silhouette, proportions and details, lastly choosing fabrics that help further the concepts, symbolisms and moods. Since fabrics can be manipulated to get exactly the texture, drape and appearance I need, fabric selection usually sits towards the back of the design process for me.

What is your vision for the garments of the line featured in our photoshoot?
The looks featured were all part of me looking at classic American sportswear and pushing it out of its typical context. I worked with ideas of classic and futuristic, hard and soft, masculine and feminine. I also wanted to create looks that would wow while at the same time could be restyled in ways that everyday people could enjoy.

David Parker Fashion

How has your design process and fashion goals changed since you first began?
My design process has drastically evolved from when I first started sketching in middle school to creating collections today. When I was younger, I solely designed a garment to look cute or flattering — it was enough for me to design pretty things with no substance to back it up. Today, I prefer to have a much more conceptual approach when designing. I have a strong desire to make clothing with depth that help project an ideal shared with the wearer.