Interview with Photographer Roy Kerckhoffs

Photographer Roy Kerckhoffs

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Coking Plant Roy Kerckhoffs

“Coking Plant” at an abandoned coal mine (Zeche Zollverein) in Essen, Germany. When I visit my family in the Netherlands, my brother––who is a landscape architect––usually takes me to these abandoned places to take photographs. My brother and I have this rule that when one of us takes a picture, the other is not allowed to take the same, because it's like you’re stealing the composition. However, at this spot we made an exception––and we both shot many photos––because this was the best view of the whole mining area.

Tower #3 Roy Kerckhoffs

“Tower #3”. This my first coastal scene image of lifeguard Tower 3 at Torrey Pines in La Jolla, CA. It’s this kind of work that I’m mostly known for. This day, my wife, one of our friends, and I took our newborn daughter in a stroller to the beach. I brought along my camera and was immediately drawn to the towers there. Somewhere in the background is my wife and daughter of only a few months old. Sorry people, this image has completely sold out!

Church Roy Kerckhoffs

“Church”: This is the Methodist Church in Bodie, CA, one of our best-preserved ghost-towns. It was my wife who introduced me to Bodie in 2006, and [I] loved it. I have gone back several times, including one time when I paid for a permit to go inside the buildings. The piece you see here also has some acrylic paint on it, and I made the frame from my old backyard fence.

Where can people find your work?

My work is available for purchase from my website, but is also on display in several galleries and stores around the county. People can also visit me in my studio/gallery in Carlsbad (5365 Avenida Encinas, ste C) by appointment. I carry out commissioned work, which also includes environmental portraits. I will hand-color other people’s photographs, but I’d never color an irreproducible original.

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