Interview with San Diego Couples Telling The Secrets Behind their Love

FINE magazine Interviews 5 San Diego Couples who Tell Secrets Behind a lasting marriage by Marie Green

Dennis and Marie Green

We have long been intrigued by how happy couples met and fell in love. In honor of February (the "love" month), we step outside fashion to bring you stories about how five notable couples met. They share their stories about love, chance encounters and style.

Coach Dennis Green and Marie Green

Marie was a flight attendant and Coach Dennis Green was seated in 3A on a Minnesota Vikings team charter.  The flight crew wanted tickets to the game, so Marie asked the Coach for them.  “Of course,” he said, “meet me for lunch and I’ll give them to you.”  This was the first lunch of many, which developed into a great friendship. 

Soon after they met, Marie asked Dennis to make an appearance for Special Olympics, for which her brother Jim was an athlete.  Once Dennis learned more about Jim (who is mentally challenged and has Epilepsy) he did more things to help: a new pool table for his group home, Vikings tickets to all the games and apparel for his fellow tenants.  “After spending so much time with Dennis as a friend, I realized he was ‘The One’ and luckily he felt the same way,” said Marie.  “To this day, he is still the most generous person I have ever met.”

Marie and Dennis were married 14 years ago at L’Auberage in Del Mar and now reside in the area with their two children.  She is a fashion stylist and he is Head Coach and General Manager of the CA Redwoods of the new United Football League. 

Dr. Aeria Chang and Scott Eisenberg

Aeria and Scott met through mutual friends, and it was love at first site. Aeria "loved his balding head and the twinkle in his eyes," but best of all she liked that he was sincere and honest. Their romance was a whirlwind. Everything was perfect, according to Aeria, except his fashion sense. The day when her friends met him for lunch, Scott was wearing black jeans and a white shirt (she thought he looked like a waiter), whereas, her friends’ husbands looked professional and respectable in suits and ties. “I can change his wardrobe, but I can’t change the man,” she declared. Ten years later, she still can’t get Scott to wear a suit and tie, but he will wear mango, lemon or purple shirts.

            Dr. Chang’s practice for Aesthetic Medicine and Acne Center, which is managed by Scott, is in Mission Valley.

Scott and Gayle Kaplan

Scott and Gayle met on the set of “Football Playbook,” a television show he was hosting and producing in Miami. As coordinating producer, Gayle was responsible for bringing in candidates for the show’s weather girl position.  Scott wanted to ask Gayle out, but she didn’t like his very full head of long hair.  “I cut my hair the day I met Gayle,” Scott said.  “I could tell she hated it and I was just looking for an excuse to cut it.”  Four months later at a New Year’s Eve party in South Beach, he surprised her with an engagement ring.  Things have been moving fast for them ever since.  Scott’s broadcast job led him to the airwaves of Southern California with a stop in New York for CBS.  Four kids and 11 years later, Gayle and Scott call Carmel Valley home and love the San Diego lifestyle. 

Scott can be heard as the host of The Scott and BR Show on XX 1090 Radio weekdays from 5-9AM.

Mark Fangue and Liz Allen

An extraordinary and life-changing experience happened after Liz Allen and Mark Fangue met on Both had a mutual desire to make a difference in the world, so meeting was more than the routine computer pairing of two people with similar interests; it was destiny. Within four years, both left their corporate careers and created

Like their relationship, this business adventure was made out of love. Liz and Mark travel to help artisans who have limited means to distribute their wares and create a sustainable way to get out of poverty. Exotic World Gifts currently sells over 800 unique and fashionable items from Thailand, Bali, Cambodia, Africa, Vietnam, India, Central and South America. Whether purchasing an exquisite silk scarf from Thailand or finely crafted silver jewelry from Bali, each Fair Trade purchase changes lives.  As Liz says, “the world is ready to add more meaning to their purchases. This we call Compassion Shopping™, which empowers each of us to make a difference in the world and receive a beautiful product with a personal story behind it.”

Mark and Liz live in Del Mar, their home being headquarters for

Lisa and Dean Grafos

This stylish couple graduated from the same class at USC Law School, but for some strange reason did not meet while there. After taking the bar exam in August 1996, a group of 20 students planned to meet in Greece to travel. Dean and Lisa met during the group’s first night in Santorini, Greece. It was absolutely love-at-first-sight. He told her afterward he made sure he sat next to her during dinner. She was charmed by his knowledge of Greek cuisine (the way to Lisa’s heart was apparently through her stomach!). Afterward, they went dancing with friends and he walked her back to her hotel at dawn. They became an immediate couple, and have been together ever since.

Exactly four years after they met (8/24/2000), they returned to Santorini and got married. Their wedding was in the very spot where they first met and fell in love, with 25 family members and close friends in tow. They did it “village style,” walking behind Greek musicians down a cobble-stoned path overlooking the Aegean Sea and the Caldera with the wedding party to the tiny Greek church in the center of the village. Magical!

Lisa and Dean are the owners of Sculpt Pilates Plus on Hwy 101 in Solana Beach and Move Pilates in North Park.

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By Marie Green