Is Getting a High-End Luggage Worth It?

While we don’t use our luggage every day, shopping for one piece of luggage usually takes a lot of time and effort to land on an option that you will be happy and comfortable with. And it’s totally worth it. Just like you don’t haul out your fancy dress or suit out of the closet frequently, you still want a nice looking outfit that will do its job. Traveling is stressful on its own, most of the times, whether you are going on a business trip or just to have fun. So the smart thing to do is to try to minimize the number of things that could go wrong as much as possible to keep yourself calm. Many might argue that the frequency of your travels doesn’t play that much of a role in choosing the right luggage that will suit your needs, but what if you settled for a $40 baggage to end up with a broken lock or a zipper at the airport? The answer to whether high-end luggage is worth it or not depends on many factors that we are going to discuss and compare between so you can decide on this matter.


It’s an investment

People didn’t put much effort nor money into choosing their suitcases in the past, so they could minimize the damage when they are lost, stolen, or misplaced. However, high-end luggage these days have trackers that will put your mind at ease about the whole situation. Buying the first and cheapest bag you stumble on isn’t the case anymore. If you can’t afford to buy very expensive boujee luggage, you can always find the middle ground to stand on between both. You can learn more about suitcases that solve the struggle between durability and affordability at Land of the Traveler to make sure that you will not ruin your trip because of a nightmare on wheels. You don’t want to drag your suitcase around for hundreds of miles just because you decided to save a few bucks. 


Buying expensive luggage is definitely worth it when we are talking about durability. The frequency of your travels and the amount of time you spend on going back and forth from the airport requires you to buy a durable suitcase. Even if you are comfortable carrying your luggage after the wheels got broken within 20 minutes since you left the house, the used material is a game-changer. Durable bags don’t only represent themselves in sturdy wheels, but also in materials that will take a hit or two. Chances are, the cheaper the bag, the less durable it is.


You knew quite well the number of benefits and the peace of mind that investing in a good suitcase will give you. However, we feel that listing down the pros and cons always help in speeding up the decision process. There are many perks to choosing a piece of high-end nice-looking luggage that won’t only photograph well on Instagram but will ease up your trips and struggles at the airport.


  • They are easier to clean. 

  • They look nice. Since social media is a big part of our lives, whether we like it or not, if you are an Instagram lover, you will love taking a picture of your fancy luggage at the airport.

  • You will find more options for environment-friendly luggage

  • Better warranty. This point is honestly the one that matters the most, after durability, because the warranty is what most people look for when they are spending a good amount of money into one piece of luggage. Look for the ones that have a lifetime warranty or the ones who are replaceable if anything happens in 2 to 20 years after you purchase them for a better investment. 

  • High-end suitcases are unique and easy to spot on the belt. You will not spend what feels like a lifetime looking for your luggage, you will find it easier to spot since there aren’t many of them out there. So in a sense, they save your time at the airport if you are on a tight schedule.


Many people think that millionaires and billionaires opt for cheaper looking bags to decrease the possibility of theft, which is not entirely true. The main issues that most people prefer cheaper luggage are all in case of theft or damage.


  • People are afraid that if they bought expensive-looking bags, they will be increasing the chances that the bag will be stolen or opened and stolen from. 

  • Many fall under the false impression that cheap luggage is more economical and find themselves changing their suitcases every year, which in the end, cost even more money than once nice luggage that will last for a while. 

  • They think that expensive means heavier, which is completely wrong because there are a lot of high-end, luxurious suitcases out there that feels like you are rolling a feather. 


Nowadays, most high-end luggage has a lifetime warranty against theft, damages, even the ones which are done during flights, and a high-tech tracker that will be able to tell you exactly where your luggage is rolled around. So the fear of investing a good amount of money to save yourself from the hassle is erased. 


The sole point that you should base your decision on after everything we discussed is the type of person you are, the frequency of your travels, and how you treat your belongings. If you don’t have enough money to spare on high-end suitcases, try to find the next best option for the amount of money you have. Even if that means that you will not be traveling for the next 20 years with the same luggage, at least you will be sure that your suitcase won’t break or lose one of the wheels while you are traveling. If you are someone who loves changing their suitcases a lot, you can always buy expensive bags and re-sell them or buying the best durable, cheap luggage you can find to be able to change them whenever you want. Do your research on the matter, but the decision, in the end, depends on your preference and usage.