2019 Kids’ Turn 7th Annual Night

Farima Tabrizi (FT Images)

Kids’ Turn 7th Annual Night at the Padres Fundraising Event

On June 1st, Kid’s Turn San Diego kicked off their 7th Annual Night at the Padres Fundraising Event. Children are smiling more because of attendees.

At this event; they were presented with a proclamation by the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, initiated by Supervisor Nathan Fletcher.

A representative from Supervisor Fletcher's office read and presented the proclamation to them at the event. Kids’ Turn San Diego was created in 1996 to bring peace to families who could no longer communicate without conflict.

With a mission of “promoting, supporting and securing the well-being of children who are experiencing family separation”, we change family relationships in positive ways so children experiencing family separations have happier childhoods and brighter futures. More Information: https://kidsturnsd.org/

 Photos by Farima Tabrizi (FT Images)

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