Keeping Your Home Safe From Intruders: A Guide

Being burgled is utterly crushing, and you can feel as though your privacy and personal space has been invaded. Not feeling safe in your home is sometimes worse than accepting that your possessions have been stolen from you. 

A thief robs you of your belongings as well as your ability to feel secure in your own home, so do all you can to prevent this happening to you or occurring again if you’ve been unfortunate enough to be robbed in the past. Follow these four suggestions on how best keep safe from intruders and deter them from entering your home. 

Extra Secure Doors 

The easiest way for a robber to steal from you is to casually gain access through one of the doors, so make it near enough impossible for thieves to enter this way by having strong doors and windows fitted. 

You needn’t compromise on style over safety when it comes to door fittings either as can offer you bespoke designs that look good but mean business. 

Don’t Take Risks 

If you’re in the habit of leaving your doors and windows unlocked, then you’re just simply going to have to get out of it. Being too trusting can be naïve, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Leaving your home unlocked enables a thief to easily gain access to your home. You should do all you can to deter a robber from targeting your house so be sure to always lock doors and windows, install a smart lock that can be accessed from your smartphone, and install CCTV if you feel particularly unsafe and worried.

Never leave valuables lying in full view from windows, don’t leave keys near to your front door, and always refrain from allowing an unexpected visitor inside your home. Some thieves will pose as handymen looking for work in order to snoop around your home and figure out how best to break-in in the future. 

Tame Your Garden 

Thieves will often plan robberies, and it’s very unsettling to think that they might come to your home before staging the break in to scope the place out, find out what safety measures you have in place, and times when your home is empty. They’re able to watch your house closely if they can lurk in your yard and remain undetected with the help of overgrown trees and bushes. Deep and dark foliage provides a great hiding spot for those who want to get to grips on how best to strike, so keep your yard tidy, presentable, and wooded areas as open as you possibly can. 

Keep Tools In A Locked Shed 

Don’t forget to keep your yard secure as well as your home, as more often than not, you use it to store power tools and electrical goods that can be very valuable. Never leave valuable items out on your lawn or leaned up against outside walls, instead lock them away so that they’re safely out of sight. As aforementioned, some thieves will plan a break-in however others are opportunistic and will decide to burgle you if the time is right and the tools for doing so readily available to them. Keep toolboxes and ladders away from view as well, as these can aid a thief in their lawless actions.