Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas for 2019

If you're thinking of remodeling the kitchen, then you need to make sure that you're updating it according to the current trends. After all, not doing so will ultimately require you to renovate again later anyway. Your house may not sell if the kitchen isn't at its most trendy. Many potential buyers consider the kitchen the heart of the home. If it doesn't suit their idea of style or taste, then they may pass on the home. Besides that, you want a kitchen that you can be proud of. Here are five kitchen cabinet design ideas that are popular in 2019.

1. Concealed Storage


When thinking about custom kitchen cabinet design ideas, you need to consider two aspects. First, is the amount of storage that you need. For larger families, you likely need a lot of storage to hold all of the food for your family. For smaller families, you can probably get away with practical cabinets while the rest are for show. Secondly, you need to consider whether you want your storage to be displayed or whether you want the cabinets to blend in with the aesthetic. One popular trend that has arisen in 2019 is concealed storage. This is the idea that your cabinets meld into the background. At first glance, it doesn’t even look like they’re there. The easiest way to do this is to remove handles and rely on touch to open the cabinets.


2. Natural Bamboo


Widely known for being the preferred food of pandas and providing the material for no-frills walking sticks, bamboo is fast becoming a go-to for kitchen cabinetry. As explained at, bamboo is a modern style material option for kitchen cabinets compared to more traditional choices like cherry and mahogany. Those in search of a happy medium between trendy and traditional consider bamboo to be the perfect choice for new kitchen cabinets in 2019.

3. Pewter and Gunmetal Finishes


Another trend that is rising in popularity is the use of pewter and gunmetal for finishing touches. These are replacing the previous finish of matte black, gold, and brass. Those shades can often be considered a little too harsh and may not blend well with the rest of the kitchen. Pewter and gunmetal, however, provide a striking color with just enough depth and texture to make it stunning. You can use those materials to create the knobs of your cabinets or in a stripe or detail on the cabinet.

4. Open Shelving Attachments


Transparency is a big trend that people are turning to in 2019. You can include this with your cabinets by having your cabinets able to host an open shelving attachment. These can rest right below the upper cabinet and creates an open shelf for displaying certain cutlery or even an in-kitchen herb garden.

5. Vintage Aesthetic


In terms of materials and color, the vintage aesthetic continues to reign in 2019. This is a turn to the use of natural stone, organic basalt tiles, fixtures and lighting that are vintage-inspired, in conjunction with classic kitchen design elements. In terms of your cabinets, you can usher in that vintage aesthetic by keeping the cabinets a bright white or even a honed and light wooden material. The white paint, in particular, can be coupled with golden finishes to harken to that vintage age.

6. Connection with Nature


Finally, more people are interested in connecting with nature through their house. Your cabinets can provide this connection by using wood as its material of construction. This wood can be painted, certainly, but it should be allowed to have its natural color enhanced rather than covered up. You can have the cabinet's natural grain smoothed and woven into a beautiful and stunning design.


Your cabinets are a key part of your kitchen's aesthetic. These five 2019 trends can offer you a starting point with your beautiful cabinet designs.