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Deruta Ceramics Bellini Antique Italia  interior design trends

Bellini Antique Italia (Now Out of Business)
Importing fine Italian Furnishings, of superb quality and craftsmanship from Tuscany to Venice. Create a regal environment  in  a  renaissance-style  decor, or a home of sleek sophistication with mid-century modern. For authentic Italian ambiance, come to Bellini’s Antique Italia.
Phone: 858-509-9399

Deruta Ceramics [Shown Above]
Once sought after by rich merchants and noblemen for their creative and qualitative excellence, hand painted Deruta ceramics are deservedly popular among many for their home decor.

Decoro 360  interior design trends
Decoro 360 (Now Out of Business)
Specializes in premium custom-made furniture. Offering a beautiful custom made custom sofa collection designed by Percy Ramos or they can assist you in making your own dream design come true in great turn-around time.

Phone: 858-255-8473

Modular Divani Sectional [Shown Above]
fully custom & made in the U.S. in under 4 weeks! Sleek, stylish & most of all comfortable.