Live Golden in Your Silver Years


You've likely known many types of people in your lifetime. I'm considered a party animal because of my ability to throw fun gatherings for friends and neighbors. For decades, people have stopped by my place for casual dinners to outdoor dinners that go late into the night. If you cherish good houseguests, you know good times should never be taken for granted.

If someone were to ask what makes the ideal gathering, your answer may depend on the occasion. Most people say great food but others claim its the activities that keep everyone alert after a meal. Whether it be dancing or a game where everyone can participate, keeping a lively environment ensures guests will return.

Feel Better Physically by Accepting Change

Clean interiors also make the atmosphere enjoyable, even though you may not be a fan of chores. I enjoyed doing weekly cleanings as well as showing off my interior decor skills whenever I could. While this took time and energy, I’ve always envisioned gorgeous results.

While our minds may be sharp after middle age, sometimes the body slows down. Whether it’s gradual or happens at once, you may find yourself needing more rest after doing normal tasks around the home. Although staying in good shape and eating right helps, winning against nature is impossible. However, this change doesn’t mean life is over. When I had doubts about my abilities, someone from reminded me that change can be a good thing.

Make Your Money Last Longer

For many, downsizing is common when people get older. Although some think of selling or letting go of objects as a sign of money problems, usually the opposite is true. Often people who decide to free themselves of unused objects realize this is a good way to free up their resources.

Saving money should be a priority when you’ve decided to reduce your work hours or retire. Even people that have made sound financial decisions in the past realize cutting back is a wise move. When the unexpected occurs, it feels good to know there are accessible funds, instead of being forced to apply for a bank loan.

Be Prepared for the Unexpected

When individuals decide to make saving money a habit, they are much closer to building an emergency fund that can help cover sudden expenses. This may include the need to make a large purchase or a health matter not covered by insurance. My husband used to think that using senior Tuesday shopping discounts was enough to save money. However, taking an honest look at our lifestyle let us know we barely scratched the surface.

Consolidating most of our credit cards into a single monthly payment, with the help of a counselor, made a huge difference. When you’re having fun with friends, it can be easy to overlook negotiable interest rates. Meanwhile, banks are getting richer while consumers are dealing with higher expenses.

Take Inventory and Get Rid of Excess

Most of us know someone who hates cleaning and lets everything pile up. Whether it’s an attic, closet, or something much larger, clearing spaces can pay off. Anyone who lacks the time or physical ability may want to hire a professional organizer.

Realizing I had too much house, with extras like lawn care and pool cleaning, was the breaking point to clear out. Fortunately, my son was able to get cash for the stuff we weren’t using and was sitting in our closets for decades. Once these items became history, we knew the newly-opened spaces would make weekly cleanings a nightmare.

Choosing the Best Option for Each Lifestyle

As our gatherings have gotten smaller in recent years, so has the number of people at home. After exploring senior living options, we realized independent living was the best solution for us. I was so touched when our old neighbors threw a going-away party. I dreaded leaving—at first.

Today, I can sit in my comfy space and talk to friends as well as my new neighbors over a warm slice of pie. One thing I like about my new home is the onsite activities available and services that help me save my energy. Being able to come and go as I please is the best thing about moving.