Living Safely with the Sun


San Diego, and in fact the whole of California, is blessed with a wonderful, warm climate and plenty of sunshine. After all, it’s not called the Sunshine State for no reason! When you’re used to having warm, sunny summers, it’s possible to forget how lucky you are to have sunshine so frequently. You can start to take it for granted until a storm comes and reminds you how great the weather is most of the time! Enjoying the sun means respecting it for its power, and not letting it turn you into a dehydrated lobster; so if you need a reminder of how to make the most of it, read on.

Protecting yourself

The most important thing to bear in mind when you are out in the sun is to protect yourself from its harmful effects. There are some real benefits of exposing your body to the sun: for one thing, it is how your body manufactures Vitamin D, through sunlight on your skin. However, it’s a known fact that too much exposure can cause burning, and even blistering to the skin, exactly the same as if you were in a giant oven. There’s also the risk of melanoma, skin cancer activated by sunlight that usually causes existing moles to change and grow. Then, of course, there’s the aging effect of over-exposure, bringing on the dreaded signs of aging such as wrinkles and sun spots. To avoid these effects and enjoy your time in the sun, always use a high factor sun cream when you’re outside, remembering to reapply it regularly and making sure all exposed areas are covered. It’s easy to forget places like the backs of the knees, and they can be super painful if they get burned! Wear a hat that shades your face and neck, and sunglasses to shield your eyes. Light, loose-fitting cotton clothing is best for keeping cool, and if it gets excessively hot, you’re better off having a siesta than battling on and getting heatstroke.

Dealing with the effects of over-exposure

Even if you’ve been careful about protecting your skin over the years, you can still find you are getting fine lines, wrinkles and sun spots when you get older. If their appearance bothers you, one of the best treatments is laser therapy. Find a high-quality clinic that uses a Blue Dot Certified supplier like to ensure they are using medical grade machines. You might want to change the skin cream and moisturizer you’ve been using for one suitable for older skin, and of course, if you feel very uncomfortable with the appearance of your skin, there is always the option of cosmetic surgery.

In an acute situation of over-exposure to the sun, the key treatments are to cool the affected person down, with shade, fans, air con and cold water; and to make sure the rehydrate themselves. You should always seek medical help if a child is affected or the person is more than mildly uncomfortable.

By taking a few precautions and knowing how to look after yourself and others, you’ll be able to make the most of all our wonderful sunshine.