Local Fashion Designers With the Hottest Evening Gowns in San Diego

Fall Fashion Trends presented by San Diego fashion designers Thai Nguyen and Camille.

Model Sarah Carr displays evening wear by Camille and Thai Nguyen

Dhrumil Desai

Fine Magazine’s latest fashion spread features hair and makeup by Studio Savvy’s Deena Von Yokes and Eileen Haligowski. The Beverly Collection with Camille and Thai Nguyen showcases beautiful, show stopping haute couture gowns complementing breathtaking headpieces.

With a throwback to the 1950’s, models Kelsie Mathews, Kimmy Jenkins, and Sarah Carr are all adorned with pin-up style retro lips in bright, fun colors, and elegant hair with updo curls and bouffant tresses. Luxurious furs, Dolce Gabanna fabrics, and hand beaded appliqué set in motion clarinet by Music Central and violin artistry courtesy of Alexandria and Asya Bernal. Designer Consigner of La Jolla donated pearls and Borghese dark brown Russian sable furs to the collection of nude and scarlet dramatic dresses. 

Model Sarah Carr, Kimmi Jankins
(left) Kimmy Jenkins, (center) Sarah Carr, (right) Kelsie Mathews
The Beverly Collection by Camille
760.271.7470 / camilllewfashion@gmail.com
Kelsie Matthews, Kimmi Jenkins
(left) Kelsie Mathews 
Designer: Thai Nguyen  http://www.thainguyencollections.com/
Swiss embroidery nude mesh with hand beaded fringe.
(right) Kimmy Jenkins
Designer: Thai Nguyen  http://www.thainguyencollections.com/
Black french beaded mesh with pleated silk georgette cascade ruffle skirt and hand beaded fringe.
Saxophone: www.musiccentralsd.com (858) 578-2411
Model Sarah Carr in Fine magazine
Sarah Carr 
Designer: Thai Nguyen  http://www.thainguyencollections.com/
Scarlet ostrich feather tube dress with black hand beaded appliqué.
Pearls - Designer Consigner of La Jolla (858) 459-1737
Violin - Courtesy of Alexandria & Asya Bernal​

San Diego Fashion has never looked so glamorous and chic, in this tasteful (but old) Hollywood designer set. A backdrop of skyscrapers and evening gleaming sky adds just the right amount of romantic allure and cinematic adventure.

Photographer Dhrumil Desai created the perfect backdrop for Production Director Tauna Carson to construct a world worthy of illustrious fashion and beauty to come alive. The feel of the Beverly Collection by Camille puts editorial genius and music together in perfect harmony. The looks are sexy yet subtle; timeless and original. Smoky eyes and bold lips transport you to a world reminiscent of a slower pace, and an environment rife with talent and grace.

Fine Magazine’s own Heather Winfield, Creative Director and Fashion Stylist, created a fashion palette appealing to the masses with high ends designer chops and award-winning artistic landscapes. Nothing short of world-class fabrics, emboldening hemlines, and all-encompassing art and fashion take front and center stage in this photo shoot masterpiece. Winfield states, "I really couldn't have done it without the help of Studio Savvy Salon Services & the owner Deena Von Yokes. They are amazing and talented artists."

Kimmy Jenkins female model in magazine
Kimmy Jenkins
Designer - Thai Nguyen  http://www.thainguyencollections.com/
Black French beaded mesh with pleated silk georgette cascade ruffle skirt and hand beaded fringe.
Saxophone -  www.musiccentralsd.com (858) 578-2411
Models: Kelsie Mathews, Kimmy Jenkins, in fine magazine
(left) Kelsie Mathews, (right) Kimmy Jenkins
The Beverly Collection by Camille
760.271.7470 / camilllewfashion@gmail.com
Model: Kelsie Mathews
Kelsie Mathews
Designer: Camille
The Beverly Collection by Camille
760.271.7470 / camilllewfashion@gmail.com


Photographer: Dhrumil Desai
Creative Director Fashion Stylist: Heather Winfield
Production Director: Tauna Carson
Hair and Makeup: Studio Savvy Salon Services - Owner Deena Von Yokes
Stylist Assistant: Marelle Johansen
Models: Kelsie Mathews, Kimmy Jenkins, Sarah Carr
PA to Creative Director: Roxana B.
Video: Jesse Aguayo
Clothing Designers: Thai Nguyen and Camille