14 Long and Stylish Lingerie's That Are Beyond Easy to Wear — and Perfect For 2018

If you love to experiment with lingerie, then there are so many designs to choose from. From simple, casual to stylish wear, you can have it all. Many women also opt for customized designs to make the lingerie look more stylish. Fashion is all about comfort, so comfort is also one factor to look for. Fashionable and classy lingerie can also be worn as outerwear.

Italian lingerie brands are great if you are looking for some sexy variety of lingerie. Every year there is a change in fashion trend, and trends for lingerie also changes. If you want to feel sexy and classy, then here are 14 long and stylish lingeries that are beyond easy to wear. And, well perfect for 2018, read on.

1. Red Valentine style

Impress your partner with the cute valentine style lingerie. It's classy, it is sexy and it is really comfortable. It has a deep plunging neckline and a deep thong back. There are different colors available, but the best color is red. Red looks chic and stylish and it's the color of the season.

2. G-string long style

The style is not only seductive but also sheer. G-string can make any woman look great. The lace effect and the soft elastic waistband add a stylish touch. Though it's available in different colors, the most preferred color is black. The style is here to stay in 2018, as it's comfortable and seductive.

3. Strappy baby doll style

The style is classy as it is crafted in lace and embroidered fabric. The long sheer effect of the dress looks wonderful. The shoulder straps are adjustable so be assured on the comfort part.

As it is mixed with cotton fabric, you can also wear it as your eveningwear. Perfect lingerie if you want to feel chic and sexy. There are two colors available in this style.

4. Racerback mid-calf style

This features in the long and stylish list of lingerie. The racer back look is perfect if you are looking for something different to wear. The lace and back details enhance the overall look. There is an elastic underbust support, so you don't have to worry about the fitting part.

There are three colors available and the fabric is also comfortable, it is a must buy lingerie this year.

5. Teddy V-cut style

If you want to feel cute, then this lingerie style is for you. It is crafted in lace and V-cut designer look. You can actually wear it as a bodysuit because of its design. The adjustable straps and deep cut make the design look chic. The three-ribbon bow feature completes the look. Available in color black, this one really looks great.

6. Modest cut style

Sexy off shoulder look is still in vogue. The lace and embroidered bodysuit is perfect to seduce your partner. Available in pure color white, this should be a must-have on your list.

7. Chemise style

All over floral design with lace details is all you need in your lingerie collection. The look is so good that you would want to wear it as an evening wear. It has adjustable lace trim straps, so you do not have to worry about the fitting part.

8. Scoop neck camisole

If style and comfort is your mantra, then this would be the perfect fit for you. It has shelf bra on the inner side and the straps are adjustable too. It is longer than your crop top in mid-length. The flow hem makes it look more stylish.

9. High leg bodysuit

When you talk about long and stylish styles, then high leg bodysuit is a must. With a thong back and no rear coverage, this bodysuit is perfect for your swimwear too. There are many such styles available with Italian lingerie brands, choose the best option.

10. Deep neck camisole

Flaunting a deep neck can be fun with a black deep neck camisole. It's long and can be worn with your favorite innerwear. Its comfortable and you can flaunt the color that you love. Go for a sheer and stylish look.

11. Laced camisole style

Prêt lace camisole is perfect for your sleepwear. It comes with v-neckline and adjustable straps that can make you look chic. Triangle cups and plunging neckline make it look stylish. It is a must-have this season.

12. Cut design style

Choose a cut design style to look sexy. With adjustable bra cups, the satin cut design can add to your beauty. There are four cuts in the design so this long style can suit anyone. Get ready to receive compliments from your lover.

13. Solid lace baby doll dress

With a satin bow in the front, this lingerie-style will definitely make you look stylish. It has adjustable straps, so you don't have to worry about the fitting. Just wear it and feel sexy.

14. Slim skirt lingerie

Include this on your list of lingerie this year, as the style looks modish. It's so sexy that you can flaunt it as your evening wear. It is available in many different colors and two designs.

Choosing a lingerie style is easy if you know what suits you right. Fashionable lingerie can make you look stylish. So, choose a design and style that would make you look awesome.

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