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Top Kids Gifts in 2016

Bluebee Pals

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With statistics revealing that nearly half of Americans are planning to use a digital device (desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet) as a primary means of purchasing holiday gifts versus just over 33-percent of folks planning to beat the streets and shop in-store, digital mobile consumerism has clearly come of age. I myself am indelibly on the hunt for great gifts and gets that can be bought online with all of the comfort and convenience that affords. Given the National Retail Federation finding that personal holiday spending this season will reach the second highest in the 13-year history of its consumer survey, it seems cyberspace will be one busy place this year.

Puro BT2200

"Healthy" Headphones by Puro Sound Labs (PuroSound) - $99.99 - 109.99

How loud is too loud? Did you know that one in five teenagers and adults suffer from some type of hearing loss? Sound is measured in decibels and, at 85 dB and above, long or repeated exposure can cause hearing loss, which is 100% preventable! Because people are being exposed at a younger age with the increased use of electronics, noise-induced hearing loss has reportedly increased 31% since the 90’s. “Healthy” Headphones by Puro Sound Labs are unlike anything else on the market and a great choice for parents who are concerned about hearing health but want to give their children a product that they will actually want to use. Puro's BT2200 headphones approach to safe listening is unique. It starts with a simple formula. First, block out 82% of the background noise comparable to some of best active noise cancelling headphones on the market. Second, limit volume to 85 dB. This is the maximum safe listening level as recommended by audiologists. And third, studio grade audio quality with Pura’s patent-pending Balanced Response curve. These headphones deliver studio grade audio, engineered to deliver an amazing listening experience all within 85 decibel volume limit. This is why the headphones are safer than anything else on the market. Protect your kid’s hearing now, so they can enjoy it later.


Kidpik Curated Children’s Apparel Service (Kidpik) - $85 per box

Children’s preferences in clothing have evolved over the decades as has the shopping and delivery system. A new company in the children’s apparel space that’s thinking “inside” the subscription box is Kidpik. This custom-curated fashion box contains head-to-toe looks for girls ages 3-12. By combining convenience with the luxury of personal styling, Kidpik takes the difficulty, time and guesswork out of shopping for the girls in your life. Kidpik offers a super convenient, expert-based way to shop for your daughter by offering a personal stylist to help pick out clothes, accessories and shoes. Each box contains six to seven high quality items designed to mix-and-match to complete two or more outfits. All you need to do is go on and fill out a style profile for personalized fashionable outfits delivered directly to the door!

Orianne Collins Children’s Jewelry (OrianneCollins) – Starting at $155

Those looking for an extra-special keepsake for babies and children will be endeared by the adorable Children’s Jewelry line created by Orianne Collins Mejjati, third wife of pop-star Phil Collins. Her children’s jewelry features many whimsical, funky and original designs that’ll amuse and delight kids of all ages. I especially love the guardian little angel necklaces, available in yellow, white and pink golds, that feature white mother of pearl on the pendant portion with the angel. Too cute and very tasteful–a very lovely heirloom piece to gift a new (or soon-to-be) baby. The company’s glitter line is also adorable, with pendants that include pendants like a diamond-adorned bulldog, chihuahua, headphones and sunglasses. This designer’s pieces can be on the higher end price-wise, but if you’re looking for something special designed just for kids this is a fabulous option.

The Tillow Towel/Pillow Combo (TheTillow) - $35.99

Here’s a great item for teens, tweens and anyone who love to spend time at the pool or beach. It’s called The Tillow – that’s short for towel and pillow because it’s a combination of both—but so much more. First, it’s a large and super-plush beach towel with a removable orthopedic foam pillow to provide ultimate comfort and relaxation. But, it also has a touchscreen pocket for a smartphone so you can listen to music and send messages without risk of damage to the device, and a camouflaged water-resistant storage space keeps your belongings safe from sand, water, and thieves! It also comes with a removable lounge chair belt that doubles as a carrying strap! It’s a great all-in-one product gift for all beach, pool and park goers.