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It’s a pleasure to join the FINE Magazine family as your new Editor-In-Chief. Our magazine’s goal has always been to present you with the finer things in life. We dig deep to offer you the finest of San Diego. Our stories are a montage of popular interest items, fresh new finds along with tried-and-true favorites. This month, we reveal some of the nation’s best doctors who call America’s Finest City their home too. These doctors value our health and make it their mission to maintain our bodies in the best shape. As our healthy heartbeats, our eyes allow us to take in the splendor of the natural beauty surrounding us. And as our limbs move, our senses experience the taste, smell and feel of the world around us. But when these parts don’t work together collectively, we find ourselves off kilter. That’s why we must make our health our top priority everyday. For creating healthy choices today allow us to meet a healthy tomorrow. With the expertise of these physicians, we can rest assured that many tomorrow’s are available to us.

Moreover, we need to remember that it often takes a team to provide our wellness. Let’s also recognize the many unsung heroes who work behind-the-scenes in the healthcare profession- the nurses, caregivers, receptionists, chefs and personal chaperones who help the doctors make our lives vibrant. My father spent a year in an assisted living facility where I discovered it was most especially the caregivers’ kindness, dedication and love that saw him through every step of his journey through this period of his life. I dedicate this issue to his memory. May we all be champions of health and above all, embrace the beauty of life every single day we are given the honor to live it.

–Jenny Werth