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As we warmly welcome October to San Diego, I can’t help but notice: art is everywhere. Art thrives in San Diego and not just in its remarkable museums. From mural paintings to impressive sculptures, fashion to furniture, art truly surrounds everyday life. It’s even in the changing colors of the leaves! This issue highlights some of the wonderful works of artistic expression of note, like the extraordinary efforts of the San Diego Fine Woodworker’s Association and the interactive theater experience of the Without Walls Festival. I’m most excited to unveil the first exclusive look at the new Golden Eagle Award for the San Diego International Film Festival, which is an all-new design this year.

Autumn also means that it’s back to school season. Parents and kids alike find that this time of year can be a fresh start for things to come. We explored the best opportunities for children with learning disabilities, and help prospective or current college students hunt down scholarships in our school guide. Don’t forget to peruse San Diego’s Top Private Schools for the best options in education.

Art-walks and other art inspired events to abound this month and there are plenty of opportunities to explore all of the art San Diego has to offer. I’ll be right there with you with my pumpkin spice latte in hand!


—Heather Winfield


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