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Applause for April 

Spring has arrived with all its intricate beauty. Exteriorly, it greets us through newly blooming flowers and spurts of mother nature’s greenery. While interiorly, we also welcome the newness of spring through the creativity and patterns of interior design found throughout our city. Many examples of inventive design greet you throughout this issue. We visit a delicious winery with enthralling scenery and stunning fashion. Then, we journey into the home through crafted statement kitchens designed for functionality and relax in expert furniture pieces. Following, we visit decoratively landscaped gardens and

even swipe through embellished technology devices. The list of adornment is endless in today’s world. Let’s take a peek at them all. Spring also reminds us that a new season gives birth to beginnings. For each beginning brings us to a new chapter in our life. And it’s these chapters which make up the book of our lives. May we live them well.

–Jenny Werth

‚ÄčEditor in Chief