Men’s Boutiques in San Diego

Where to Shop for Every Man’s Style

Inside of Le Chauvinist in La Jolla

Photo used with permission

Whether you’re shopping for your husband or for yourself, these boutiques in San Diego are perfect for the men who love to look good. Take a look at these different boutique stores for every man, whether your style is clean-cut or street chic. Don’t worry, ladies, some of these boutiques carry women’s clothing too. ​​

Graffiti Beach Boutique in South Park

A local favorite, Graffiti Beach Boutique is great for any occasion. Graffiti stands apart from other boutiques in that the prices aren’t so high that it will hurt your wallet as you hand over your card. This fun boutique has great gifts for men and more, with artsy decor like skateboards and art from local artists. The menswear echoes the same vibe as the womenswear, and you’ll find everything from fitted plaid flannels to funny, Cali-centric graphic tees. Graffiti Beach is definitely worth a stop and a shop when you're in the neighborhoodespecially during the holidays. In addition to gifts and clothes for men, they've got cute gift wrap, pet gifts, and knick-knacks that you'll get a kick out of.

Boutique de Marcus in the Gaslamp

If you want perfect service, the highest quality clothing, and a fantastic shopping experience, go no further then Boutique De Marcus. The owner commissions his own designs and has them produced in Turkey. Excellent quality and some very unusual designs: two-layer collars, reversible cuffs, scallop fronts, etc. The sports coats are totally wildbasically think Versace-inspired, or Elvis; something unique. If you want to stand out at the next party, here's your chance. If you want creative dress shirts or sports coats, this is the place to go. Don't forget to check out the salon for all your hair care needs as well. Get down there and check it out and find your new look.

ACD Gallery in North Park

ACD Gallery is a streetwear boutique full of the coolest new menswear and art. Go in and learn about the world of counterculture fashion, where all great brands begin. Intriguing artwork lines the walls, expertly curated with a keen eye from the owner, Keith. If you have any questions about brands, ask. If you're into quality goods and fashion, stop by, you won't regret it! ACD Gallery is San Diego's premier boutique for men's lifestyle goods, clothing, and art. The shop is not just a gallery in name but feels like a contemporary modern art museum and the hand-picked curated brands are not everyday picks that you could find anywhere else. They stick by an artistic eye that has style from head to toe. The brands are lifestyle pieces, not simply run-of-the-mill. Clean lines and minimalist aspects play a huge role in the brands that are carried especially when it comes to function and form. If not paid attention to, you will miss the details, because simplicity is what ACD strives for in every aspect. The lifestyle aspect really stands out because a modern man needs to indulge in the best that life has to offer and ACD really brings that high-end niche to San Diego. They proudly carry only the highest quality Adidas products and boast legendary Hiroshi Fujiwara's Fragment collaborations. High-end Carhart, Canada's Reigning Champ, Norse Projects, Head Porter, and Fuct's SSDD. Stop in and talk to Keith and the crew and I'm sure you'll leave feeling like you just found the best secret in the world and staple pieces that you'll want to keep for life.​

The Fresh Yard in North Park

The Fresh Yard has some funky selections that you will not be able to find at your local malls. From your tees to your socks, they have you covered with fashion-forward street style clothes. The Fresh Yard takes it one step further by supporting their local artists and hosting fun art shows and events on the weekends. Stop by and you might get lucky with both a good find and chance to meet puppy Pudges, the owner’s adorable bulldog.


Le Chauvinist in La Jolla

An upscale consignment store? It really does exist, and where else would you find it than the old money capitol of San Diego. Blue-collar buddies, this is probably the best spot to look debonair without having to sell a kidney on the black market. There's everything you could imagine, but for half the price. It's still expensive, but for the brands they have in stock, you'll be pleasantly surprised how affordable some of it can be. If you wouldn’t mind wearing some millionaire's hand-me-downs, definitely come and take a look around.