Modern Design Trends to Really Make a Statement

This year, if you’re considering giving your home a revamp and are taking inspiration from modern design trends, here are the ones that will really make a statement:


Going darker

Clean, white interiors are a thing of the past as more and more of us are now moving towards moody darker spaces - utilizing both paint and furniture to create this theme. It adds a richness to any space - whether you decide to paint your bedroom walls a shade of navy or introduce dark stained woods to your dining room or side cabinets in your living room.


Alfresco living

In the summer months, emphasis is put on the great outdoors and utilizing the outside space we have available. When it comes to modern design trends to incorporate, your garden can feature a number of pieces to make a statement such as a BBQ island as a focal point or a living wall instead of a garden fence.



Rose gold has had its moment and has been replaced by its more traditional metallic tone - yellow gold. Mirror frames, lamp stands, table legs - adding this touch of metal instantly adds a glamorous, modern edge.


Travel influence

With cheaper travel options, more and more of us can explore the world on a budget and this is something we can now reflect in the modern home. We no longer assign a room to a cultural theme but a mish mash of textures, colors, and prints make for a modern look as we introduce a number of elements from around the globe.


Moroccan patterns can be incorporated in scatter cushions while terracotta pottery adds a Spanish vibe to shelving and clean sideboards with sharp lines nod to Scandi design. There are no rules.


Texture is everything

Along with clashing prints and alternative colors, texture is an important design trend to take on this year and it’s an easy way to make a statement in a room. Faux fur textiles, velvet throws, and woven wicker furniture instantly adds interest to a space.


The Tropics

Indoor plants have grown in popularity over the past couple of years. Retro Swiss cheese plants are the winners of this trend, with prints in their image being seen on everything from glassware to wallpaper and the deep green tones instantly add some luxe to a room. Tropical prints work well with the darker color schemes we’re currently enjoying, sitting well with ochre shade furniture and adding interest to darker corners.


Exposed pipework

Forget about boxing in those radiator pipes as modern design sees us embracing industrial textures and leaving the inner workings of our home exposed. Take some inspiration from the new Google Tel Aviv office with exposed metal work and piping across the ceilings clashing with rustic driftwood style materials and plantlife.


Make a statement this year with these modern design trends that can be easily incorporated into your home.