Modern Home Design Featuring Timeless Pieces

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One of RF Design Couture's home designs

Photo Used With Permission

Desperately need to remodel your home? Attempting to find just the right balance of color and style by incorporating pieces that don’t seem outdated or ashy? The task is often more difficult than expected. Perhaps you’re thinking of a look that’s modern, yet classical. Or one that screams “I remodeled but not really, I just fixed up a few details in the room.” Sound familiar?

Where to start? Here’s the feng-shui. An expert San Diego interior designer, Rachael Cooney, principal designer of RF Design Couture has all the answers. Rachael’s an expert in interior design. She knows exactly how to find timeless pieces that make a room seem effortlessly elegant. And she also pulls together contemporary trends and matches them to her client’s homes creating an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. What’s the catch? There is none, just a design savviness that comes with years of interior design experience, and passion for her work, of course. Rachael’s motto? “Functionality with a bit of mystery.”

This means finding versatile pieces to deliver unexpected, yet exquisite outcomes. It’s definitely a concept that’s well thought out. Her opinion on current trends in interior design today, or how to execute each aspect to create a targeted look? Cooney explains that the key to mastering this concept is through mixing colors. Basically, integrating at least “two or more finishes” in cabinetry, fixture, or even tile design, actually goes a long way. It gives you the finished clean look you desire, accomplishing a traditional yet fresh outcome.

Another trend is integrating stones with wood into countertops and stoves. This carefully thought-out execution of integration takes a variety of forms, including mixing each metal, stone, or marble to its precise location. By doing so, achieving a modern, yet classic appearance is inevitable. For instance, incorporating “rich wood tones and wood work” with contemporary designs like “slab flat faced cabinetry” blends the traditional with the timeless concept to achieve a more minimalist look.


Cooney further notes that the more detailed the designs, the more classical it appears. This means not giving into “overly trendy” or outdated pieces which could be difficult to recognize. Instead, she suggests focusing on transitional styles. Or simply avoiding the dated look (like using eye shaker cabinets that easily bring the space together by offering elements of clean lines and a traditional appearance).

Now that you have all the essentials for creating an aspired look, finding a place to start shouldn't be too challenging, right?