Most Luxurious Bedrooms Around the World


Your bedroom is a place of rest, relaxation, and comfort. You want it to be your personal sanctuary that molds to your every need. If you're looking to upgrade or remodel your master bedroom, take some inspiration from some of the most luxurious bedrooms from around the world. From decadent hotels to your favorite celebrities, the following are some of the most opulent bedrooms and design trends:


HGTV: Destinations

Broaden your horizons with luxurious design trends from around the world with HGTV. One of its galleries features some of the most elegant bedrooms from India, Botswana, Kenya, Puerto Rico, Beijing and several other travel destinations. However, one of the most featured locations is the Taj Mahal in India. One of the 1,800 square feet bedrooms contains a nice mix of tradition and modern technology with ornate patterns laid in gold and a large flat-screen TV mounted on the wall. One of the other featured bedrooms continues to show the palace's work with rich textures. This bedroom has wood-paneled walls, plaster ceiling work, a colorful rug and bold fabrics on the bed and other furniture in the room.

Lesson: Use a wide mix of textures and colors in your bedroom design. You should want to touch and feel the room as much as you want to look at it.

Elle Decor: Celebrities

If you haven't been bitten by the travel bug, maybe a look at some of the most luxurious bedrooms for your favorite celebrities will provide you with the right inspiration. Elle Decor made a list of 34 celebrity bedrooms, including Cameron Diaz, Courteney Cox, Ellen Degeneres and Portia Derossi, and Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick. While you may imagine celebrities' homes looking over-the-top, they are surprisingly simple. Most of the bedrooms on this list feature a comfortable bed with plush bedding and pillows, and a few other pieces of furniture. The bedding ranges from all-white sheets and pillows to more ornate comforters and blankets, depending on the style of the rest of the room (such as the wallpaper and curtains).

Lesson: Invest your money in the right mattress and bedding for your room. Go for something large, soft and comfortable that promotes a good night's sleep and plenty of relaxation.

Love Home Designs: Design Trends

If you feel like the previous two sections are out of your reach, take a look at some of the top trending designs for master bedrooms. One of the most notable features in these images is a unique headboard or piece of artwork above the bed. This draws your eye to the most important aspect of your room: the bed. Even though you've probably seen an upholstered paneled headboard for years, it is a classic that never goes out of style because it's simple, provides texture and pulls together the color scheme of your room. Plain wood headboards also are a classic that brings a touch of nature and a richness of color to your room. If you want something a little more creative, you can add a mirror with a bold frame, large and colorful artwork or natural items like branches or wreaths above your bed.

Lesson: Bring your attention to the focal point of the room with a bold, unique and textured headboard.

Luxury is in the eye of the beholder. Whether you want bright colors or vibrant patterns to make your room look unique, you can use these simple tips to make your bedroom a place you never want to leave.