Movember—Ways You Can Get Involved



One thing you may have noticed this month is the increased number of men with mustaches everywhere you go. That's because it is “Movember”—a time when men let their mustaches grow loose in support of men’s cancer awareness. You may even wonder why its called “Movember”. That’s because “Mo” is short for mustache in Australia. There, a group of men banded together in refusal to shave to raise awareness of men’s cancers for the duration of the entire month of November.  Since then the movement spread like wildfire; reaching all the way to Europe, Africa, and the United States. Besides not shaving, below are five ways you can participate in raising awareness of men’s cancer health crisis.


1. Encourage the participants


Obviously, it’s a hard ask to ask a woman to grow a mustache. But that doesn't preclude women from participating in raising awareness. Women can play an important role by encouraging and supporting their male counterparts in everything from hiding their razors to having conversations about male cancers.


2. Get creative at work, school, or at local businesses


If you are extra creative and not shaving isn't enough for you, building community-wide partnerships to participate in the awareness campaign is the right challenge for you. You can create competitions between the men at work for prizes to be donated to cancer charities. You can team up with local business for special day events, deals, and sales campaigns and, again, give the proceeds to charity. You can even have your kids participate by creatively sticking fake mustaches on your little ones—sparking awareness at schools too.


3. Donate to the Movember Foundation


The Movember Foundation was found in 2003 and is the “only charity tackling men’s health on a global scale, year round.” And plans to reduce premature death of men by 25 percent before 2030. They focus on “addressing some of the biggest health issues faced by men: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health and suicide prevention.” The foundation labels its male participants as “Mo Bros” and yes, you guessed it, “Mo Sistas” for the ladies—because everyone can participate. You can be rest assured that when you support this group, your efforts will be well spent.

4. Move


This one is simple. All you have to do is set a goal, say, walk 2 miles or run, swim, cycle, or any quantifiable distance movements by yourself or with a group of friends for those competitive in nature. ‘Sitting is the new smoking’, the faddish cliche goes, but moving is a great way to have fun all while supporting an important cause. You can sign up here at November’s website.


5. Share it all on Social Media


Social media is a great tool to raise awareness of any particular issue facing the world. The various platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have wide reach and are a sure method of reaching a target audience. You can share about all kinds of events around Movember; whether it be shave downs, movements campaigns, or even a quick post reminding the world of the male cancer awareness.