Moving Big Furniture and Fixtures to a New Home

Moving Big Furniture and Fixtures to a New Home


Relocating to a new home comes with a number of commitments such as moving the large space and fragile furniture. While this is seemingly difficult for everyone, it doesn’t have to be a headache. By planning your relocation earlier enough, you’ll be ahead of all the possible challenges and even complete the task swiftly and conveniently. Below are some of the tips you’ll want to know if you’re to relocate with your entire furniture and home appliances.


In a normal setting, you’ll probably call your favorite moving company to handle all the relocation work. Many people assume that moving the large furniture is as easy and conventional as moving the small household stuff. This isn’t always true. Some items need considerable skills and experience in order to be moved comfortably between locations. Furniture such as sofas, piano, and wall unit are some of the home fixtures that need proper finesse.

Moving a couch

Depending on the size, some sofas are too big to fit an elevator or go through a flight of stairs. This is where the real challenge is. Without adequate experience, it’s easy to damage other valuables along the hallway. To avoid accidents and injuries, make sure to consult a moving expert so as to determine the appropriate course of action. More often, it’s necessary to take measurements and compare them with the available navigation spaces. Remember when you hire a professional moving company and things don’t turn out as expected, their insurance will cover for damages.

Moving a piano

Have you ever wondered why some people are so sensitive about their pianos? Maybe it’s just the way they were brought up with a musical sense installed on them or there’s something hidden in these musical instruments. Either way, we don’t get to judge.


So why hire a professional to handle your piano? First, you don’t want to damage your valuable asset- a source of positivity, inspiration, and entertainment. Again, if you break it, the sound quality will deteriorate and you probably won’t find a replacement as good as your old piano. If you’re doing it yourself, first learn the ins and outs of moving a piano with this how to move a piano guide then weigh the options. If you think and very confident that you can handle the job, proceed with caution and who knows, you can prove yourself right.

Large Electrical appliances

Almost everyone owns a fridge or a freezer, if not both. Television sets and home theater systems are the other appliances you will consider moving. Homeowners believe they can handle these appliances since they use them almost every day. Well, this is true, but do you know how to pack them so they don’t break on their way to your new apartment? That’s a good question with one simple answer. You’ve got to know your skills. If you can pack your fridge, freezer, TV, etc. Appropriately, then go for it champ! If not, professional movers are a phone call away.

Moving Big Furniture and Fixtures to a New Home

What to do before moving

Before making the call to move your furniture and home fixtures, there a number of factors to consider. Unless you’re relocating to an overseas country, you’ll always find it economical to move with your home fixtures instead of trading them out so as to buy new ones. When moving your furniture, make an outright decision on what to take and what to leave behind. This will make sure you’re not just stuffing everything into your new apartment. Below are the other things you may consider doing before relocating with your luggage.

Make up your mind

Relocating isn’t another simple task you would jump into without giving it a second thought. Choosing to go DIY or to involve some professional movers come with both advantages and disadvantages. The goal is to know what works well for you without compromising the safety of your home fixtures. When relocating, it’s easy to get confused and get stuck between choices. Always put down what you want and what you expect to clearly evaluate your decisions. If you can handle the packing but just don’t have the means to transport them, you can rent a relocation bus or van. If you have everything within your reach and very confident with your moves, you’d save on the cost and have your belonging moved at your own pace.

Prepare adequately

Whether you’re going DIY or calling an expert moving company, prepare early enough for the relocation day. You don’t want to rush things around the last minute and end up packing the less important things while leaving what really matters. Before requesting a relocation service, do some inspection in your current home and know the approximate weight, the best vehicle and even whether one trip will do.


Proper research is also important so you know exactly what to expect from a moving company. Compare the prices for various services and rule out the exploitative offers. Before inviting some handymen to handle the moving of your valuable furniture, check if they are insured and licensed for the kind of services they offer.


In your list of priorities should be a list of the best routes to use. To make sure that your valuable furniture gets to the destined place in time and in shape, you need to choose the best roads with favorable terrain, no potholes, cracks or bumpy asphalt. To make sure everything falls in place, prioritize in making a good inventory of the goods being transported. Sort your furniture according to size and fragility to avoid inconveniences and petty mistakes. Labeling the parts of dismantled furniture will put things in order and minimize confusion or misplacements. As a rule of thumb, have a checklist with everything you need to move and those to leave behind.


Even if you’re a strict DIY enthusiast, you’ll have to outsource minor duties if you’re to maximize on the limited time and resources. You can choose to do all the packing and loading, but you’ll somehow need help unpacking and moving the furniture into the new home. Since you must clean the new space and arrange it before receiving the entire package- it’s necessary to find some helping hands.