Must have accessories to add a sophisticated edge to your surroundings

Adding a little sophistication to your property is something many of us look to achieve. While most of our furniture likely comes from affordable places such as Ikea or supermarket home sections - and there is nothing wrong with this at all - sometimes it’s nice to splurge on something that can add that fancier tone to your property.


Here are five must-have accessories to consider adding to your home in 2018, to give it the look it deserves:


Wine cabinet

Nothing says sophisticated like a ruby red wine waiting to be uncorked in a wine rack. Whatever your preference, having a stocked wine rack feels like the height of sophistication and while it’s easy to pick up a metal one and place this on the kitchen counter, it is possible to take it one step further.


A refrigerated wine cabinet, for example, will keep your alcohol at the optimum temperature for drinking and will definitely be a talking point when friends and family visit. Fisher & Paykel is one brand that offers these sophisticated appliances that are easy to have installed in your kitchen.



Lighting makes a huge difference to any home and so do your light fittings. A chandelier instantly adds class and sophistication to any space and you don’t need to go for gilded gold or anything old-fashioned. Modern hanging pendants and chandeliers can be picked up from stores such as Next or even B&Q and instantly dress up the room. Ensure your light fitting is central and be aware of how low your ceilings are before making your choice.


Textile accessories

Your sofa might be comfy but when you’re not lounging it’s the main feature in your living room and a space you can instantly add some sophistication to with matching scatter cushions. Look for plush fabrics, such as velvet or faux fur, and pick up coordinating designs that match your sofa and room decor. They can be removed or moved to the side when you want to sit down but add a little sophistication your guests will notice when they enter the room.


Side tables

Have a side table that doesn’t serve much purpose and is cluttered with knick knacks? Take some time to declutter this then add a silver tray and populate this with a crystal decanter and glasses. It instantly adds a rich, sophisticated edge to the space - add some amber colored whiskey and your guests will be reminded of posh smoking jackets, leather high backed chairs, and cigar-smoking gents.


Black and white images

Black and white photography is an easy way of adding a sophisticated look to your space. It could be a landscape image, an obscure close-up shot or fashion portraits but in black square frames and hung in threes, you’ll be onto a winner.


Try incorporating these must-have accessories into your home to add a sophisticated edge that you can enjoy and feel proud of when visitors arrive.