Need Warm-Season Grasses for Your Lawn? Here Are the Most Practical Options

Studies have shown that having healthy green foliage in and out your home is an effective way to combat stress. Because of this, one cannot really say that the decision to keep your lawn well-manicured is just for aesthetic purposes. The plants there serve a very practical purpose, and it’s one that can’t be overlooked.


Aside from flowering shrubs and trees, another element that makes a lawn look good is the grass that covers its empty spaces. We discuss here some of the types of grass that you should use if you are from the warmer areas of the nation.


Many gardeners would classify Zoysia as among the finest grasses to get if you want to have a high-quality lawn. This hardy grass is thick and can withstand the pressures of constant foot traffic. It is said to have a very impressive ability to quickly heal itself.


It is also drought-resistant. In fact, Zoysia loves to be under the sun most of the time, but it still has the capacity to tolerate some shade.


Because of the grass’s fine leaves, a lawn covered in Zoysia looks really fine from a distance. Because this grass grows and spreads a bit aggressively, rarely do you see patches in the area that it covers. It also has the ability to choke out weeds.


Another good thing about Zoysia grass is the fact that it does not really require that much watering or care in general. Just make sure that its roots are given ample time to take hold, and this grass is good to go.


Carpetgrass will be your species of choice if you are located in an area that gets a lot of shade from nearby trees or establishments. This plant does not really require that much soil nutrients either, so it is fine to have it in spots that you do not really put fertilizer in.


One thing to take note about carpetgrass it the fact that it grows seed stalks frequently. These stalks are truly unsightly, and they will make your lawn look unkempt if left to grow. They can grow as high as a foot; because of this, frequent mowing is necessary. If you don’t have time for this, it’s better to look for other grass types. Otherwise, you may opt to regularly hire someone for lawn trims.


Bermuda is perhaps the most popular type of grass used for home lawns. It is also found in parks, golf courses, and even pastures. It is not hard to see why it’s popular. This grass type is dense and is a bit resistant to the cold despite being classified as one of the warm-season turfgrasses. It also does not require that much care; a little watering is all it needs every day. This grass type is practically perfect for homeowners who are always on the go or just busy with work.


Choosing the right grass for your warm-season place, while easy, still requires a certain level of care. Having the wrong grass planted on your lawn can cause problems since many grass species are difficult to get rid of. So always think effectively before taking your pick.