New Anti-Aging Serum Proves True

Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum Delivers Results That Beautify Skin

Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum

Photos provided by Vintner's Daughter

April Gargiulo is the force behind the sensational serum that’s taking the world by storm! Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum is a powerfully corrective facial oil that was born in California’s Napa Valley by the winemaker-turned-serum formulator. After a week, My skin had a noticeable glow and, more astonishingly, my undereye bags were gone. Yes, I do have to use the serum daily, but, that’s not too much to ask given the results. Plus, the serum smells delicious; there should be a perfume created for it. This serum is truly the real deal!



Here’s our exclusive Q & A with the serum’s founder.

Q. What is the best way to apply the serum? How did you realize this was the best method to apply it?

A. Our unique Push/Press Method was developed specifically for Active Botanical Serum. It helps drive our liquid gold deeper into the skin, so it's able to truly soak up all the goodness. It is also a 30-second self-care ritual that you can look forward to twice a day.

Q.  What would you say are the main differences between your serum and others on the market?

A. Active Botanical Serum is made from the world's most nutrient-rich botanicals, which we honor with a one-of-a-kind, three-week-long formulation process. This ancient process ensures that the full spectrum of skin nutrition from these plants is infused into our formula, amping up its ability to fundamentally change your skin. Active Botanical Serum replaces several standard skincare products while tackling inflammation and imbalance, bringing clarity and radiance to your complexion in one single, simple step. I felt like women deserved skincare that was uncompromisingly effective, high quality, and safe, which is why we don't compromise on the standards behind Active Botanical Serum. 


Q. Can you tell me a brief story about one or two people who have had incredible results? 

A. We are so fortunate to receive incredible testimonials every day from women and men around the world dealing with so many varied skin issues from acne to rosacea, dullness, and even dehydrated skin. Our favorites are hearing about the newfound confidence from women who, for the first time in years, are able to leave the house without makeup on because Active Botanical Serum has solved their skin issues. It gives them the radiant, youthful-looking skin they have always wanted and, even better, a genuine confidence and freedom. “I left my house for the first time in 10 years without makeup today. Thank you Vintner’s Daughter!"

Q. Do you have any plans to add any new items, such as a face lotion or eye cream?

A. We only want to make game-changing, category-defining products, which takes time. We lovingly refer to our formulation process as the Speed of Quality, which means that we fully honor the slow, methodical process required to make something truly great. We do not rush to create sub-par products to fill a shelf or press cycle. That said, we are always researching and innovating fresh ways to offer the absolute best in skincare, so stay tuned. 

As the Vintner’s Daughter website states, “Vintner's Daughter was formulated with a singular goal: create a game-changing, performance-driven face oil with the multi-correctional activity and penetration of a super-powered serum. Inspired by our founder’s background in fine winemaking and its exacting standards, our goal is to offer the highest level of skin nutrition for truly transformative results. Our story began in 2012 in Napa Valley when our founder, April, committed herself to crafting the holy grail skincare product that would offer dramatic, multi-correctional results for her myriad skin issues. Her years spent working in her family's fine wine business inspired her to apply similar world-class standards: exemplary quality, methodical formulation, and region-specific ingredient sourcing.  Two years later, Active Botanical Serum was born. The uniquely active formula delivers the very best whole botanicals, beautifying nutrients, and balancing properties to your complexion. Taking the place of several standard skincare steps, just 5-6 drops of our liquid gold delivers visible radiance, clarity, and brightness you (and others) will notice. 


The website also states, “At the heart of Active Botanical Serum is our PhytoRadiance Infusion. It begins with the world’s most nutrient-rich, whole plants like calendula, lavender, and the super greens alfalfa, nettle, and dandelion. These plants were called “the foods of life” in ancient times because they contained everything your body needed to thrive. Their powerful nutrition is infused into our skin supporting foundation oils through a methodical, three-week-long extraction process that ensures every ounce of nutrition is captured.”   Further, it explains: “Our full-spectrum extraction approach also allows for over 60 skin-beautifying vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants, phytoceramides, amino and omega fatty acids to be delivered in every drop of our game-changing formula. Active Botanical Serum is a nutrient-rich powerhouse that pairs perfectly with the comprehensive delivery system we developed so your skin can soak up every ounce of liquid gold. This ensures that our skin nutrition is absorbed deeply, quickly, and in the most optimal ratios to ensure real results for all skin types, concerns, and ages.”

The 30 ml serum costs $185 and is worth every penny. There are also sample sizes available for $35 which can be used for travel.  The company also gives back two percent of every purchase to charities dedicated to protecting, educating and empowering communities of women and children around the world.  Find out more by visiting