4 Tips to Make Your Furnace Installation as Easy as Possible

Installing a new furnace or upgrading existing ones can be a tricky thing to do. You will save up on energy bills and cost if your furnace is working properly. If you are at the stage where you need to install a furnace in your apartment or office environment, you’d be wondering how best to go about it.  How best do you prepare for an appointment with furnace installation experts? Things can get complicated when the installation has to take place at the office. Do you call the day off or do you have the installers run it while on offices duties?

As with all other installations, be it appliances or gadgets, the better prepared you are for the job the faster the installers finish up the job. To get you on solid footings here are 4 useful tips to make the installation process as easy as possible

1. Clear out a path for the installation

The first and most obvious thing you need to do is clear out a path for the installation process to take place. If you fail to do this, you leave the experts no other option than to take out useful time to do that for you. Time they would have spent on the job rather than on clearing out a path. This step is very important if the furnace installation has to take place at your place of work during the busy day.

You are aware that furnaces are not in an easy to reach the spot, so the more you better prepare the area and surrounding the easier the job will be. Remove materials and objects that might obstruct the process. Things like rugs, furniture, and other hazardous things that have the potential of making the work more hectic should be cleared out of the way.   Furnace installers will need a clear walk-way to take out the old furnace (if there is any) and fit in the new furnace. Things can really get messy in this stage if there isn’t a clear cutout path for the installation process.

2. Clear out the basement

Furnaces are often installed in basements and closet where they get the least amount of accidental damage.  Since these places are were mainly cluttered with various items, its best if the area is cleared out.  Don’t expect the installation crew to do this for you; they are probably working on a time schedule. So do the necessary tidying up before they arrive.  Move out those old boxes, clear out the accumulated dust and debris from the area. Sweep out the place and tidy the walls from cobwebs.  Although the installation team will use a drop cloth on the floor it never hurts to clean out the place on your own.

3. Make the appropriate schedule

It really helps if you are at home or in the office where the installation process will take place. It really plays to be at the installation site with the crew members because you are in a better position to answer any installation questions that may arise. On installation day, clear out your schedule and postpone all other appointments to free up time to spend with the crew members.

4.  Be prepared to spend some time

If you have decided to clear out your schedule to create time during the installation process, then be prepared to spend a reasonable amount of time with the crew. It can get tiring but it’s the best route to take if you want a perfect job done for you. Depending upon the scope of work, typical furnace installation can take anywhere from 5-10 hrs. However, it’s often the goal of the crew to complete the installation in one day so be prepared for work to start at the early hours of the day. If you have requested that your furnace be replaced, understand that the crew will be there for one job only… and that job is yours!

Frequently asked questions

How much will the installation cost:  The cost of installation can’t be accurately determined until the scope and type of work have been analyzed fully.  A thorough investigation of the equipment needed, the labor, sizing, compliant components, and electrical fittings need to be placed in due consideration.

Does the crew need a building permit?  Emphatically yes, the crew members will need a building permit before they can carry out the installation.  In fact, any home improvement project requires that the correct paperwork be filed before work can commence. Doing this will ensure that latest improvement to the home are duly recorded and used for confirming the additional value of the property.

Are crew installers NATE certified? The entire crew might not be NATE certified but it’s a general practice that the lead installer or the head of the technical crew are NATE certified. Sometimes more than one member is NATE certified to ensure that the project is in the hands of the right people.

What about insurance policies? Crew members and the job are fully insured to ensure that your investment is covered in case of unfortunate injuries or accidents.

Can you repair major furnace brands? Yes, we have the right expertise in the repairs and maintenance of all major furnace brands in the industry. If you need further assistance ask a sales representative.