Online Gambling in California



As the largest state in the US, California is a prime area when it comes to gambling opportunity. The state has a well-developed gaming industry, offering residents and visitors the ability to visit card rooms and casinos, as well as access online gambling.

Currently, there are no regulations in place to govern online casino gaming in the state. This is considered a grey market, which allows players to have access to online casinos, offering live dealer, slots, table games and more.


Fans of gambling can choose to visit a number of tribal-run casinos as well as card rooms or log online to access gaming content. It is easy to find something to enjoy, whether you are traveling to a new region of the state or simply wanting to play table games or slots from home. Gambling is readily available in California, no matter your game preference or playing budget.

Most Popular Online Casino Games

In California, the most popular form of gambling enjoyed by players is poker. There is a long list of card rooms located in the state, providing players with access to live poker gaming. According to the California Gambling Control Commission, there are in total, 88 active card rooms and 1,988 tables in operation. Several games are provided, which gives players the opportunity to enjoy traditional Texas Hold’em games as well as Omaha, Mixed Games, 5 Card Poker and many more. All types of formats can be found including No Limit and Limit, as well as low to high buy-ins.

One of the most popular poker rooms in the state can be found at the Bicycle Hotel & Casino of Bell Gardens. The poker room here offers cash games and tournaments, including access to the best major poker tournaments in the state. Players can take part in World Poker Tour events, the World Series of Poker and more throughout the year. Up-to-date scheduling for poker tournaments can be found at the Poker Page of the casino.

Another well-known card room in the state is found at The Commerce Casino of Los Angeles. It is not uncommon to see top poker pros playing a cash game here or taking part in tournament action. The poker room is known for the Los Angeles Poker Classic, the California State Poker Championship, The Commerce Poker Series and the LA Poker Open.

Online Gameplay


For players who don’t have time to travel to one of the popular card rooms in the state, online action is where it’s at. With online casinos offering poker gaming, it is easy for players to find a game to enjoy. Video poker is a popular game among poker fans as it offers players the ability to play poker in a slot-style format.

With online gameplay, the best bet for players is to try the wide selection of live dealer games. With online play, live dealer is the only way to enjoy a real-time experience from home. Live dealer poker games such as Casino Hold’em, allows players to compete at the poker table in real time, without having to visit a casino or card room.



With Live Dealer games, players will log in to their online casino account. Click on the Live Dealer tab and choose a game. Live dealer games like Casino Hold’em offering poker gaming with low to high buy-ins, meeting the gambling criteria of every player.

Online Casino Action


For gamblers living or visiting California, the state has the largest list of gambling and casino venues in the US, next only to Nevada. The casinos in the state are different though as they are all operated by Native American Indian Tribes. Tribal compacts regulate how the casinos operate, including what games can be provided to patrons.

Casinos can be found in major cities of the state including Los Angeles, San Diego, and Sacramento. No matter where you live or are traveling to in the state, a casino can be found nearby. The casinos in California are unique as they are tribal-owned. Each venue offers something new to explore, from gaming options to dining and additional entertainment. Residents, as well as visitors to the state, can easily go from city to city, finding something new to enjoy when it comes to casino gaming and the amenities included.

Online Poker Via Land-Based Casinos

Unlike New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware, California has yet to pass any laws allowing the casinos of the state to offer online gaming options. Because poker is so popular in the state, lawmakers have tried several times in the past to create online poker legislation. However, they were unsuccessful. Tribal casino operators, as well as card rooms, cannot seem to agree as to how online poker should operate as well as who should be involved. The state is also home to race tracks, which want a piece of the online poker action.

For years lawmakers have tried to come up with ways to please everyone when it comes to creating legislation to allow online poker via existing card rooms and casinos in the state. The problem was coming up with a solution that made everyone happy. Tribal groups, card rooms and race tracks were always in disagreement, with at least one point of contention being in the way. Because of this, lawmakers have yet to be able to come up with a solution that will see the existing operators in the state become involved with online gaming.

For now, players will have to rely on the many land-based gaming venues of the state or the online casinos that are available, including Café Casino, BetOnline or Bovada for gameplay. Each of these online casinos are easy to join and offer quality poker and casino gaming content. After signing up for a new player account, gamers will have access to live dealer gaming, slot machines, table games and more.