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Pendry Hotel of San Diego

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Amidst a sea of beautiful hotels tucked between the high-rises overlooking the harbor stands the Pendry Hotel of San Diego. Co-founder Michael Fuerstman brings this west coast addition to the Pendry collection with the swanky, 12-story building at the epicenter of the San Diego nightlife, which opened February of 2017. Blocks from Petco Park and the Gaslamp Quarter, the Pendry offers guests a vibe reminiscent of a scene from Mad Men—classic comfort and a cocktail hour sensation—with a modern twist. With over 300 rooms, guests are guaranteed variety, from a romantic getaway seclusion to a unique social hub—and everything in between. 

Introducing a new interpretation of luxury comfort, the Pendry’s guests are treated to a unique yet refined interior that brings to life the creativity of the brand itself as envisioned by creative director and co-founder Michael Fuerstman. Fuerstman, who is the former Director of Acquisitions and Development at Pendry’s parent company Montage Hotels and Resorts, worked hard to create a distinctive experience for guests at San Diego’s newest luxury hotel. According to Fuerstman, “The design [of Pendry] needs to feel elevated, but inspired, all at once. Creative, but refined. Surprising and sophisticated.” While there is a distinguishable feeling in each section of the hotel— from restaurant to spa, pool to lounge—there’s a common link to the sophistication and timeless class that Pendry exudes.

Pendry Hotel of San Diego

The exterior façade of the property boasts old-school elegance with subtle highlights of modernism. Having the capability to build the property from the ground up allowed Fuerstman and his team to capture the aesthetic that provides the Gaslamp with that long overdue sense of freshness and diversity. “The property’s exterior façade is classic and modern at the same time,” explains Fuerstman. “It has a stately element to it, but [it includes] details that feel light, fresh and right at home in San Diego. We built the property from the ground up, so we’re fortunate to create a unique aesthetic that is true to our brand, and the hotel’s vision, from the very start.”

Home to six food & beverage concepts, the Pendry covers the spectrum of the culinary rainbow. Lionfish, for example, will offer the highest quality of seafood, along with prime meats, and will feature fresh and seasonal ingredients. Working in conjunction with the designers behind Los Angeles’s Alchemy Works, Pendry introduces Provisional Kitchen, Café and Mercantile. This three-meal restaurant and market will provide the comfort of a café by featuring delicious and seasonal fare that will keep ravenous diners coming back for more. Featuring a Vittoria Coffee espresso bar, sky-high ceilings, bistro tables and a retail marketplace, Provisional Kitchen, Café and Mercantile is set within a majestic greenhouse.

Pendry Hotel San Diego

For those looking to enjoy the nightlife of an opulent establishment, Fifth & Rose will act as the alluringly démodé bar, serving exceptionally hand-crafted cocktails. Additionally, guests will have the pleasure of enjoying their night out at the Oxford Social Club. Fully adorned with modern art and upscale furnishings, Oxford was inspired by the social clubs of a bygone era. Intimate and relaxed with banquette seating, Pendry’s own aesthetic pièce de résistance features thoughtful art installations inspired by the comfort of a private home.

While the physical design of the hotel screams splendor and the restaurants offer luxury at its finest, Pendry stands apart from other high-end hotels by embracing true San Diego culture: breweries. The new lavish lodging offers the only authentic beer hall in San Diego. Nason’s Beer Hall pays tribute to our amazing local breweries by giving guests the option of 24 different taps of local and international beers alike, as well as global comfort food. The hall is a great addition to Gaslamp Quarter nightlife and will provide beer connoisseurs with the perfect place to grab a few drinks.

Pendry Hotel of San Diego

Pendry’s grandeur isn’t limited to the first floor. With 317 rooms spread throughout 12 stories—including three dozen suites—guests will be treated to a homey yet decadent setup and find amenities such as marble countertops, plush bathrobes, a fully-stocked mini bar and a pet-friendly environment. Guests can escape the monotony of life by indulging in Spa Pendry, the tranquil sanctuary featuring four different treatment rooms, or at the state-of-the-art 24-hour fitness facility.

From the concrete foundation at Pendry’s feet to the premier rooftop lounge at the hotel’s crown there runs an overwhelming theme of comfortable luxury. This theme extends through the walls of the hotel, pumping glittering warmth throughout the brand like blood through a heart. Fuerstman further explains, “Each [Pendry hotel] venue will have a signature visual story, but together they will all encompass our collective story—one that is focused on inspiration, creativity and culture. [It] seeks to surprise and intrigue San Diegans and visitors to [this] city.” Located near San Diego’s nightlife, Gaslamp Quarter has long been a prime location for a luxury hotel. Fuerstman explains, “It felt like a natural home for Pendry and our very first property. A buzzing, expressive neighborhood that’s at the forefront of the city’s food, nightlife and hospitality scenes.” Whether you are visiting San Diego or already call it home, the Pendry Hotel brings an unrivaled and long overdue sense of classic and refined character to Gaslamp Quarter. 

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