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"The Mummy" Movie Reboot Review

However, after seeing The Mummy––now playing in theaters––I was actually quite impressed with how it all turned out.
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"The Mummy" Movie Reboot Review

However, after seeing The Mummy––now playing in theaters––I was actually quite impressed with how it all turned out.

Insights from ‘The Prince of Luxury’ Noel Shu

With a moniker like “The Prince of Luxury,” it’s clear that Noel Shu is no ordinary entrepreneur. This 27-year-old self-made millionaire has accomplished more in business than many do in an entire lifetime, already boasting a client roster that includes billionaires, celebrities and royal families.

San Diego's Best Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Broker, GRI Designation, NAR Foreclosure Resource Certified (SFR) and NAR Freddie Mac Short Sales Certified, Farima is a highly-qualified real estate broker with an international history.

JJ Medina Brings Denim to Life with DNIM INC

JJ Medina shares samples of the denim and designs we’ll soon be able to purchase directly through DNIM INC.

Top Interviews of 2016

Here are the top, exclusive, in-depth interviews by FINE Magazine of 2016.

Sydney Viengluang Saves the World from Zombies on Z Nation

Actress Sydney Viengluang explains the importance of Dr. Sun Mei, her personal background working in Hollywood and her dream acting role.
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Vroom! "Cars 3" Review

The third installment in the Cars franchise, now playing in theaters, takes the series back to its sports/racing roots after taking on the spy movie genre in the second film.

Marvel's "Iron Fist" Review

While Marvel's Iron Fist premiered on Netflix in March, it's never too late to enjoy the bingeable series... though it can be quite slow at times.

Review for the Recent "Wonder Woman" Film

Finally, after what feels like forever since DC and Warner Bros have released a decent film, Wonder Woman brings DC back to where it was during the Dark Knight era.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul Review

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul succeeds at being a decent adaptation fans of the books will enjoy.

Baywatch Reboot Movie Review

Director Seth Gordon’s reboot of the iconic 1990s television show Baywatch––now playing in theaters––fully embraces what was entertaining about the original show.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Review

I have a bold confession: Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the best current franchises, and the fifth installment––Dead Men Tell No Tales––continues to bring tons of action, humor, and swashbuckling fun to the screen... savvy?
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Interview with the CEO of Voices for Children

FINE Magazine interviews the CEO of Voices for Children, Sharon M. Lawrence, Esq.

Meet the Candidates: Bob Larivee for the US Senate

FINE Magazine speaks with Bob Larivee about the race for US Senate.

The Sweetens: One of San Diego's Most Charitable Families

Vicki and Alan Sweeten are one of San Diego's most charitable families, working closely with some of our city's top charities, veterans and families in need.

Art for Barks: Animal Art

Lynn Moon is the founder and creative mind behind Art for Barks, a unique, online animal charity focused on quality animal art, literary education, and special services to encourage great pet ownership.

San Diego Polo Club - Born to Play Polo

Hawaiian polo professional, Kimo Huddleson, plays professional polo here in San Diego and also teaches lessons in his spare time.

Mozy Jahanguiri of Rancho Santa Fe Bistro talks friendly about NFL legends.

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Street Art Across America

From New York to Honolulu, street murals are transforming urban spaces into works of art.

Interview with Painter Mona Ray

With Talent and Creativity

This year’s 2nd Annual Art, Rhythm and Wine Festival—hosted by FINE Magazine to benefit Us4Warriors—exhibited some of San Diego County’s best painters, jewelry designers, photographers and mixed media artists.

Interview with Photographer Roy Kerckhoffs

FINE Magazine interviews San Diego photographer Roy Kerckhoffs.

Spencer Couture, the “Surreal” Artist

Spencer Couture is a hot new spray paint and graffiti artist local to San Diego.

Agora Galleries

Here is everything you need to know about Agora Galleries, located downtown near Seaport Village.
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Mesa College Designers Create Historical Outfits for 5th Annual Fashion Redux

Fashion Show with Mesa College and San Diego History Museum showcasing inspirations from the 1800's and modern clothing designs.

Interview: Nadia Castillo - Mom, Model and Fashion Designer

Local fashion designer reveals how she made it

Jacqueline Depaul – Model, Visionary & Career Woman

Jacqueline Depaul defines "age is not a number"

The Architect of Bahai Lotus Temple Delhi Reveals Design Idea

Ranked No.13 on TripAdvisor out of 335 Must See World Attractions, architect Fariborz Sahba reveals design secrets behind the Bahai Lotus Temple.

The Greatist Female Architect: Zaha Hadid

As one of the world's most recognized designers, Zaha Hadid has introduced a new era of modernistic architecture, art and fashion.

March’s Up and Coming Designer: Dos Caras

An entire new line of swimwear by Aida Soria and Syncletica Maestas that pushes the boundries of San Diego fashion.
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San Diego's FINEst Doctors

Promote a beautiful, healthy glow from the inside out with our FINEst doctors of 2017.

Vascular Associates of San Diego

Here are San Diego's top doctors from the Vascular Associates of San Diego.

Dr. Michael Lajin, San Diego's Top Gastroenterologist

Dr. Michael Lajin is a Gastroenterologist and Advanced Endoscopist affiliated with SHARP health system in San Diego.

Medical Oncologist and Hematologist Dr. Batra

Dr. Reema Batra has been a practicing Medical Oncologist and Hematologist since she completed her fellowship at The George Washington University in 2007.

Dr. Amir M. Karam, M.D.

At Carmel Valley Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Amir Karam’s Comprehensive Facial Rejuvenation procedures make those seemingly impossible dreams reality.

Beyond the Knife

This is an interview with Dr. James Chao M.D. F.A.C.S., plastic surgeon.