Pregnancy Wardrobe: Dos and Don'ts

No matter how thrilled and excited you are about expecting a baby, you are also most probably frustrated about regular morning sickness, weight gain and annoying outfit dilemmas on a daily basis. Most mothers-to-be get discouraged from time to time and start neglecting their looks, due to getting bigger and being able to wear less of their clothes. Good news is that feeling and looking good during your pregnancy are not mutually exclusive choices. Stop giving in to the worn-out mom look already, and start rocking your glowing pregnancy look. Below we shared some tips and tricks on what to wear and what not to wear when you're expecting.

1. DO wear leggings

Whether you generally feel your best in sweats or yoga pants (and seriously, don't we all?), or you're in that stage of pregnancy when any other type of bottoms cause discomfort, accommodating leggings are definitely a must-have clothing item. Moreover, you can pull off leggings in combination with all kinds of tops. Not only is it possible to wear leggings for any sort of occasions nowadays, but it's also preferable thanks to celebrities such as Gigi Hadid who brought the style of athleisure into being.
 Pregnancy Wardrobe

2. DON’T use your old bras, DO spoil yourself with a maternity bra

Although budget is important, particularly considering all the upcoming baby costs, investing in the essentials is important. During your pregnancy, your body naturally changes – your breast size can increase by up to three times! Normal bras are not designed for the body of a woman whose breasts are growing and reshaping from day to day, and this is why investing in quality maternity lingerie is a priority. You need to feel supported and comfortable for the sake of your own health and the baby's, and your old sexy bras won't do. Give your body the care it needs and buy a couple of bras in different colors and designs for multiple support and comfort during and post pregnancy.

3. DO wear roomy, long sweaters  

You'll start ditching most of your old tops as soon as your baby bump becomes visible, since it's annoying to constantly pull your top down, and also risky as you can catch a cold. Instead of buying the same shirts a couple of sizes bigger, which will become useless once you have the baby and get rid of the extra weight, you should go for roomy, long sweaters. These are stylish and look great paired with anything, from bare skin to jeans or tights, and you'll get to wear them later in your motherhood as well. Moreover, if you don't feel like spending money, you can always steal some of your husband's sweaters and sweatshirts.

Pregnancy Wardrobe

4. DON'T wear tight jeans

You might want to squeeze into your old tight jeans, just to make sure you haven't gained much weight, but if you do, make sure it's only an at-home experiment. Low-waist jeans will be a pain for your baby bump, and even your, once roomy and high-waisted, old pairs of jeans will decrease the level of comfort for both you and your kid. Instead, invest in quality maternity jeans. After a few months of pregnancy, you'll need to change your size anyway, therefore spending money on a pair of maternity jeans is a smart decision. These come with an elastic band that fits perfectly around your belly until the very end of your pregnancy, and are even convenient for the post-pregnancy belly. Go for dark denim, which is universally flattering and can be easily combined for all sorts of occasions.

5. DO wear empire waist dresses

Dresses are a fantastic choice for warm weather pregnancies, but can also be repurposed for colder months by adding tights, open cardigans, and blazers and pairing this with cute combat boots. Dresses with an empire waist are not only cozy and comfortable for wearing when pregnant, but also really chic. If you want to accentuate your baby bump, throw a belt on your dress for an adorable maternity look.

Embrace the most magical period of your life, by making sure both you and your baby are safe, supported and comfortable. Take note of the maternity wear DOs and DON'Ts shared above to help you make shopping choices easily, and dig up some already existing pregnancy-friendly looks from your closet.