Professional and Exemplary Modern Day Flat Roof Options

Flat roofs have been in use for ages, and in the future, they will become even more common still. For a roof to be considered as flat, it ought to have a gentle slope of about 10 degrees to allow the gentle flow of water off the sides. The use of flat surfaces for roofs is hugely preferred on both domestic buildings – due to access to extra living space, and commercial buildings as well for practical reasons.


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Given the importance of the roof's role in protecting your home from the elements, it is important to use high-quality materials during the construction of your roof. The roof is a fundamental aspect of the building’s structural integrity andthe use of high-quality materials assures users that the roof will withstand the harsh elements – this is especially important in areas like Toronto where extreme weather patterns are experienced. Strong winds, heavy rainfall and snowfall, and hail storms normally take their toll on roofs. A good roof is able to keep water and moisture from damaging the rafters and structural support. High-quality roofing materials are energy efficient and normally save the dwellers' energy costs up to even 50 percent, through reduced use of electrical cooling and heating appliances. This is because they are able to minimize the loss of cool air during summer and trap in warm air during winter. You can consult the Professional Roofers Blog for more information on how to protect your roof from the elements and tips on making your roof environmentally friendly and energy efficient.  

Use of a focused, local professional roofing contractor – like a family owned business – maximizes your roof installation savings due to their low costs of business operations. Small companies are also able to focus more on the beauty of the roof and structural integrity as well. This is because they are able to put all their energy and focus on individual projects. These individual projects are what serve as their success stories, thus they have to ensure all their customers are satisfied to foster positive word of mouth.


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In the construction of flat roofs, various materials can be used. The use of bitumen has proved as a viable and long-lasting construction material; recent advancements in bitumen technology came up with Armourplast APP. The advantage of this type of technology is its durability and ease of maintenance – the modified bitumen is protected against water leakages and extreme weather conditions. Armourplast products tend to display high strength properties, resistance to weathering and aging, and exceptional puncture resistance as well. Modiflex and Torchflex offer other recent bitumen technology options that provide roofing and waterproofing solutions that are quick to install, easy to maintain and in the long run provide high-cost efficiency alternatives. They are both manufactured under strict quality control measures to ensure there is high resistance to heat, flexibility under low-temperature conditions, endurance to high fatigue levels, and exceptional weathering and aging resistance.


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Before you set out in search for a roof expert in Toronto, ensure they are the actual roof specialists and not just a contracting company. Genuine roof specialists are able to stand by their work through providing quality solutions day and night to their customers. They are also able to provide you with a roofing warranty once they complete their job, be it repairs or roof installations.