Redesign Your Home To Be Better Than Before


If you’ve just moved into a new home, or have been thinking about redesigning your new one, you probably already have an idea of what kind of vibe you want in your new space. Maybe you’ve seen a design on social media you love, or read our article on ways to enhance your bedroom. Before you start buying furniture and looking at paint colors, it’s important to plan out each room before you start on your creative journey.


Plan & Write

If you know you only want to spice up one room, you can simply focus on that room. If, however, you plan to give multiple rooms a new look, it will be helpful to write down what you want to achieve for each room. Start by making a list of anything in that room you’d like to keep. This assessment phase will help you figure out what fits the new style you’re looking for, and easily look for accompanying furniture and decor.


It can also be helpful because, if you know you want a similar style in multiple rooms, you’ll know to order enough paint for the walls of those rooms. Once you have a list of piece you know you need, like a desk, headboard, kitchen island, you can speed up the redesign process by limiting the amount of online orders or shopping trips you’ll need to take.


Figure Out Your Style

Don’t worry if you don’t know what style you like—you can find out! Start by picking one piece of furniture or decor in your home that you like, and work from there. If that doesn’t help, browse local shops, and even Pinterest, until you find something you know you want to own. Remember that your personal style doesn’t need to fit the mold, it can be a mishmash of many.


Think Ahead

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of having a new space, and you don’t think about all the important details that go into making you redesign successful. For instance, if you’re buying used furniture, it would be smart to look into bed bug control. There’s nothing worse than being ready to enjoy your new home, only to find out you have an infestation that’s spread to other rooms.


If you’re planning to paint your walls, it is essential that you prime your walls first. Especially if you’re going from a dark to a light color, as your new color won’t look like it did on that swatch you spent so long settling on. This will also allow your new color to look finished, because it won’t be painted over a porous, uneven surface.


This is another reason it’s imperative to write out what you need to do in the redesign process: It will help you think of things you need to research or ask a sales associate next time you go shopping. Your redesign will only be a success if you’re thorough and think ahead. Once you’ve planned out as much as possible, maybe started a design board or have a cache of inspiration photos saved on your cell phone, the fun part can begin!