Remembering the Beauty Around You

Remembering the Beauty Around You is the Key to Happiness 


Going to work or school or even both, then coming home to cook and clean for the family, helping the children with homework, trying to bond with your spouse or partner, feeling exhausted, going to bed, and then getting up and doing it all over again. Where is the time to appreciate all that you have and where you live? Do you remember the last time that you got out and just lived a little? And no, not going to bars, clubs, or the same few restaurants that you, your family, or you and your partner go to. Go outside, breathe, live, feel the wind in your hair, literally stop and smell the flowers, and never forget that remembering the beauty around you is the key to happiness.

It is human nature to get caught up in all that we do. Those that are students; drown in homework and stress over their next test, others that work all day; are too exhausted to bond at the end of the night, and then lastly those that simply live; tend to live in the past or in the future. The important point that people forget about is to live in the moment and that unfortunately is one of the reasons why relationships fail, people do not perform at work, and others are not able to properly time manage due to stress and anxiety, so they end up not meeting demands personally, as a student, and in the workforce.

We take for granted all that is around us, whether it is people or surroundings. I, like many, get wrapped up in all the “extras” in my life and I lose sight of what is truly important and this is a frequent occurrence. I live in San Diego and can you guess the last that I went to the beach or went on a hike just because I wanted to or I was able to fit it into my busy schedule? It has been months, to say the least. People around the world travel to San Diego to vacation, I live here, but do I truly live here? It is important to keep remembering the beauty around you. Engrave that in your mind.

Taking where you live for granted is one of the many causes of why people are not happy in their lives. To realize that there is beauty all around you rather than just letting every moment pass you by cannot only change your perspective but your quality of life overall. When I think of where I live and how lucky I am to be in San Diego, I start to feel ashamed because of all that there is to do here and how families, groups of friends, or just people in general plan trips to spend time in San Diego. It comes down to a mindset; it is not about what we are given, it is about what we allow ourselves to have. Remember that! The smallest of things, from a lady bug, to a flower, to a skyscraper made up of mostly windows that reflect the rising sun off of itself are all beautiful if you are willing to stop and look; just give life the moments it deserves.

San Diego is known for many things including: the beaches, the piers, the hiking and biking opportunities, scenic drives, tons of sites to see, exploring all that downtown has to offer, Coronado Island, Sunset Cliffs, and more. Realizing that as humans we get lost in our day-to-day activities, it causes us to get lost in all the other aspects of our lives. This realization shows that we truly take life for granted. Rather than thinking of the bills that have to be paid (I get it, it can be stressful and exhausting), or celebrities that live a “better” life than we do, or even how we are too tired to live, we need to start thinking about all that we have.

I moved from one Beachy coast to another; Florida to San Diego. My roots are in California but most of my favorite memories come from Florida. I moved away from Florida in the end because I had the mindset of a tourist; my eyes set on San Diego, and I was someone that needed a fresh start. I saw San Diego for all that it had to offer; the views, the fun, the relaxation, and all the job opportunity. That move was almost five years ago and I forgot all the reasons why I wanted to move to San Diego to begin with because my daily routine and struggles have gotten in the way of my free-spirit and happy mindset.

Ever hear of the amazing event, Comic-Con? Of course you have! Who has not really? I have never been to Comic-Con because I always promised myself “next year.” That promise is one that we have all made; the one where we “eventually” get around to doing what we love, what we want, or simply what we truly need. We all need to become tourists in our own towns and homes; we need to keep seeing through the eyes of an adventurer and an optimist, not someone lost in the good memories of their past or those stuck so far in the future. Live every day to the fullest. We all have busy lives, but it does not take much to feed our souls. Keep your eyes as those of a tourist!

San Diego is sought after worldwide! San Diegans out there and everyone else that is reading this, be the tourist and revisit all that you love about San Diego. Take your partner to Sunset cliffs and watch the sun melt into the ocean as it leaves the beautiful bursts of colors in the sky. Go to Comic-Con and dress up like your favorite superhero, go to Coronado Island and stop at Bayview Park to get the perfect view of the Downtown San Diego Skyline, plan a hiking trip for you and the kids, and lastly and most importantly; do not get lost in your habitual day-to-day life. Every day take a small step out of your habits and enjoy your surroundings and the people that you have in your life; the quality of your life with vastly change for the better and we can all use a little more happiness in our lives. So, no matter who you are or where you live, never stop remembering the beauty around you.