Romantic Sites To Visit In Italy

What Romance Really Looks Like In Italy.


When we visited Italy a few years ago with our school, a few of the places on the list were unfortunately not ones we all wanted to see. With many of us being in relationships we wanted to experience Venice, Capri, and Florence. Well, we got the best of both worlds and saw our hearts out in Rome. One of the most romantic places to be in Italy and one that is truly an unforgettable experience. One other place in Italy that is pretty romantic is Verona; it is the home of the infamous Shakespeare play, Romeo & Juliet.


Venice is one of those cities that many dream of going to. And clearly it is almost number one or rather is number one on the best romantic cities. Venice has gondola rides that make your experience quite memorable and surely the city itself is quite unique.


Capri is a beauty itself. When family visited many years ago, we were told that on a water cruise, they take you through these big rocks. When you proceed through them and kiss your partner, it means that you will have endless love. This stuck out as one of the very popular cities that are romantic. However, Capri is a beauty itself and set up almost similar to the Amalfi Coast.


Next up is the infamous Florence. Florence is one of those cities that is surrounded by art and little cafés as you experience the beauty of the city itself. Florence is known for all of its fashion, but is purely known for their Boboli Gardens. The Gardens is part of the Pitti Palace which is also home to one of the most known families in Italy – the Medici family. It is truly a place to be if you are looking to just fantasize or dream big dreams with your love.


Rome? Rome is also quite romantic. And if we could go back to this city, we definitely would. We fell in love unromantically with the food that the city had to offer, as well as, the views. We climbed to the top of the city or rather drove the bus up to the top of the city and experienced a whole different level of Rome. It was clearly one of our favorite experiences on our journey to Italy and one we all will never forget. Our love for food and wine flourished in this city as we had fantastic meals here. However, during our time there, it probably was not romantic if you were with a partner as the Trevi fountain was under construction. Personally, we would all die to go back one day!


Lastly on the romantic list of places to see and go in Italy must be Verona. Home to the Shakespeare play, Romeo and Juliet, you cannot get anymore romantic than that. Romeo and Juliet set the city for being known as one of the best places to visit with a partner. Only because it was where the famous play took place of course!


Overall, looking for romantic cities throughout Italy, these are the ultimate ones and solely beautiful. We enjoyed our time in one of these cities and one day, just one day we will return!


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Venice, Italy


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Rome, Italy

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Capri, Italy