Sectional Sofas are Perfect for Lots of Living Spaces


When it comes to versatile seating, the sectional sofa is perhaps the most versatile and interesting of all. A sectional provides seating for several people. Whether you’re talking about a comfortable spot for lounging and relaxing for the whole family every day of the week or a welcoming  environment for guests during the big game or a viewing party for the latest “must-see” movie or just binge-watching your favorite series all by yourself, we all need a cozy comfortable place to sit with lots of personal space. The Ballinasloe Collection by Ashley features lots of stylish comfortable seating for all.


If you’ve never owned a sectional sofa, perhaps you’re wondering just what type of room it fits into. Here are a few of the many interior spaces where you’ll find these versatile pieces:


The Den


Love to catch up with the news on the weekend? Want a cozy spot to curl up and relax with a good book or e-reader? A small sectional in the den will be a quiet place to read that best-seller or the Sunday paper, watch cable or local news on television or visit all you favorite online news sites. Should you want company, then there’ll be room for your significant other or furry companion. That’s just one way you’ll use a sectional in the den.


Family Room/Game Room


Just count the reasons you need more seating in the family room or game room. How much time do you and your family and friends spend around the television, not just watching your favorite shows, but playing games, online and off, and streaming movies, sports or special events? A sectional sofa can make life in these spaces so much better.


Open Loft



If your home of choice is an open loft apartment or condo, then consider a sectional as your first furniture purchase. It seems this spacious seating is the perfect selection for an open loft. Not only does it provide lots of spots to sit, but because the loft living space is just one big area with tall ceilings, it can be used to easily define the “living room.” Add an entertainment center on the wall, a console table behind the sofa and an assortment of occasional tables remote controls, drinks and such and you’ll be all set.


Living Room


In years past, the living room might not have been considered as the ideal spot for a sectional sofa like the one in the Ballinasloe Collection by Ashley. It just wouldn’t be formal enough. But now with our more relaxed lifestyles, a sectional would fit seamlessly into the living room and into our lives.


As you can see, we don’t think there’s just one perfect room for a beautiful and stylish sectional sofa. We know that there are many perfect spaces for this versatile furniture. If you live in a small space, you might want to read Apartment Therapy’s Tricks of the Trade: Sectional Sofas in Small Spaces. Enjoy the comfortable life with sectional seating.  Sometimes comfort and style meld extremely well. Where will your sectional life?