Sexy and Exotic Swimwear from Plumeria Swimwear

Plumeria swimwear strives to give women high quality swimsuits without the price tag.

Photo provided by Plumeria Swimwear

Whether you’re lounging by the pool, strolling through the sands, or plunging into the Mediterranean Sea, you’ll look your best doing it in Plumeria Swimwear. Plumeria Swimwear launched in October 2013 as a high-end, luxury women’s swimwear line, unique in that it is accessible to the everyday woman. The brand blends chic, simplistic design with a sexy and exotic aesthetic. Every color, design, and fit is catered specifically to the woman’s body, making every one who wears Plumeria feel beautiful and unforgettable.

Plumeria Swimwear offers the highest quality designs at surprisingly affordable prices. The materials put into every piece are hand selected from the highest quality Turkish and Italian fabrics. The materials are sent to Instanbul to be crafted by Turkish artisans. Plumeria Swimwear features bright, beautiful colors such as coral, hot pink, purple, yellow and orange. They also carry black and white suits for women who prefer a more traditional look. No matter your color preference, whether it’s simply and safe or bold and daring, Plumeria Swimwear will have something for you.

Creative Director and Designer of Plumeria Swimwear, Gabrielle Cimon grew up as a creative and unique young girl. She always felt a passion for designing things of beauty and individuality. When Gabrielle was young, she would paint rocks with beautiful pictures on them and try to sell them in her neighborhood from door to door. She was taught by her Grandmother, who came from a modest French-Canadian background, how to use fabrics and create her own clothing. Her grandmother introduced her to every single fashion magazine and TV channel, so that Gabrielle could draw inspiration and further pursue her dreams. Gabrielle always hoped to make a career of her designs. It was a friend of Gabrielle’s who saw her sketches and encouraged her to bring them to life. At that point, Gabrielle finally made the decision to pursue her dreams. She began sketching her designs, finding a manufacturer and within four months, Plumeria Swimwear was born.


“I had a passion for designing clothes and remember trying to make my own by sketching new ideas and shopping for fabric. I didn’t feel very fulfilled from my previous career, even though it was good experience for me. It wasn’t until I started receiving positive responses about my designs, particularly some words of encouragement from a close friend, that I decided to start my company. I had to take my time, break down the to-do list and take the first step. I had a good idea of the 3-4 things that needed to be established for the company to generate revenue and that was: The sample swimwear, a professional Photo Shoot, a professional website, and a marketing strategy. Then the company grew from there. I had a clear vision of what I wanted the company to be like and I am still working towards that,” says Gabrielle.

Gabrielle wanted to create a brand that would make women feel unforgettable and sexy. She uses only the most premium quality fabrics from Turkey and Italy to ensure a flawless product. Gabrielle chose Istanbul for production because they have some of the best materials and artisans in the world.


Gabrielle and her team scout for the finest custom made fabrics and various metals to bring her designs to life. It was important for Gabrielle to deliver pieces that were unique, exotic and fashion-forward, but also accessible to the everyday woman. “Creating this line is very important to me, since I am single, in my late 20‘s and have no children. As a result, I can do whatever I want with my free time. Everyone that knows me will say that I am somewhat of a workaholic (slightly obsessed) but I always try to mix business with pleasure,” says Gabrielle.


When asked what a typical day is like as the designer of Plumeria Swimwear, Gabrielle answered “It really depends on the season and it varies a lot. If it is a regular pre-season and the samples have not yet been made, then a typical day would start by answering emails and making sure the inventory is well stocked. These are the easy days where the routine is installed and it is relatively quiet. The busy days are normally at the beginning of May, there is a lot of promotional work and travels involved. I would say, the least glamorous day involves traveling to go meet a factory owner or fabric producer. Sometimes you come home frustrated and empty handed when there was a miscommunication and they don’t have what you need. On the glamorous side, occasionally my days are filled photo shoots, which I love participating in. Promotional trips are also one of my favorite parts. I just came back from a trip to Monaco for Formula One with the Prodiguer Brands, Juliet Vodka. The event was held at the Hermano Penthouse, which had the most gorgeous view on the port. I felt elegant while I networked with Sue Stai, the New York artist promoted the Brand by wearing it the whole 3 days. I also joined the after party at a Beach Club and met with the race winner Nico Rosberg and Karolina Kurkova, whom I became very fond of!”

The inspiration for the line comes from travels to different beaches, events, music, colors, culture, and people. The 2014 collection was designed in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, to reflect an affluent, Mediterranean lifestyle. Spanish music, the Mediterranean ocean and chic beach parties inspired the collection. The 2015 collection was designed to represent a more wild, lively, and colorful lifestyle in Ibiza. Each design is constructed to deliver sophisticated styles that embrace, and feel comfortable on, a woman’s body.


Along with the fabulous swimwear pieces, Plumeria Swimwear also carries women’s luxury apparel. The line showcases short dresses, maxi dresses, and full body cover-ups. Dresses from Plumeria Swimwear are luxurious and elegant, perfect to wear during both day and night. They include elegant colors such as black and white, as well as more stand out colors, such as sea foam green. The designs are meant to be a true expression of summer; hot sunny days and long sultry nights. The pieces are perfect on their own, out to dinner, for a long walk on the beach, or to pair with a beautiful swimsuit from Plumeria.

Plumeria Swimwear is ideal for women of all ages who are fashion conscious and wish to fully embrace their body. Both collections are one-of-a-kind, and feature bright and beautiful colors, but also include chic, black suits for women who desire a more classic look. All Plumeria Swimwear designs are priced between $67 and $130. Plumeria Swimwear is available for purchase at select independent boutiques, as well as at .