Signature Fashion Staples to Own This Winter

When the cold weather strikes, you will more than likely want to ditch your t-shirt and shorts and pull on some warm clothing, which will help to keep you cozy in the coldest conditions. Thankfully, there are a number of garments to help you develop the perfect winter style.

If you want to keep warm while ensuring you develop a stylish look that will grab people’s attention, below are some must-have signature fashion staples to own this winter.

A Cashmere Sweater

If you want to combine comfort with a chic style, you should buy yourself a beautiful cashmere sweater this winter. The sweater can look great alone, but you can also layer it with a collared shirt for extra warmth. It can also suit everything from jeans, trousers, and skirts.

Skinny Jeans

Everyone needs a quality pair of skinny jeans in their closet during winter. The streamlined silhouette is ideal for the cold winter, as it allows you to add multiple layers on top to stay warm during colder temperatures. You can also pair the jeans with flat heel boots, or a leather jacket, which helps you to develop an effortlessly stylish look.

A Statement Coat

To create a jaw-dropping look this winter, you’re going to need a statement coat. Not only will it keep you warm, but it will prove you have excellent taste to passersby. Choose from a classic duffle coat to a sophisticated trench coat, which will make you feel confident in the coldest weather conditions. Head to Gloverall to find the best coat styles for your personality.

A Blanket Wrap Scarf

Add color and texture to your style with a blanket wrap scarf – and the bigger, the better! You can choose to either carelessly place the scarf across your shoulders or you could wrap it around multiple times for a chic look. It’s bound to make you feel all warm and cozy during the cold winter months.

A Turtleneck Top

A turtleneck is a classic winter staple that you should definitely add to your closet. It will ensure your neck will not be exposed to the cold temperatures while ensuring you look both cool and stylish. What’s more, this popular style can be paired with a sleeveless dress or sweater, but it is often best worn on its own with a pair of jeans.

A Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is the perfect addition to your closet this winter, as it will add an effortlessly stylish edge to your look while keeping you warm in the outdoors. You can place it over a sweater, t-shirt, blouse, or dress, and it will look great when matched with skinny jeans. It’s the ideal garment to wear day or night.

Ankle Boots

You’ll never regret buying ankle boots this winter, as the versatile, stylish footwear can be worn with a casual pair of jeans, work pants, or a pair of tights when heading out for dinner or drinks. Of course, the biggest benefit is that it will effectively protect your feet from the elements.