4 Smart Tips to Keep the Thieves Away


Don’t be an idiot when it comes to your home security. You need to do as told or else you will regret your wrongdoing. Following, we are picking some crucial mistakes almost everyone makes when it comes to secure your home that will cost you big.

Don’t be Mr. Hollywood

Most times, Hollywood gives the wrong interpretation of how thieves break into a home. Almost every time, they appear to have “Mad Skills” and can bypass any security system in their sleep. Well, this isn’t the case in real life, at least not always.

Most burglars are a novice, and they don’t know how to bypass a comprehensive home security system.  Its rare burglars or thieves in real life break in while wearing masks or gloves. No, they are under the expression they won’t get caught because they are over their head.

They don’t know their actions are recorded, and they will be caught because of the security system. So, use it against them. Having a security system does make a difference.

Get a Fluffy Dog

Have a dog for security purposes pays off. But don’t restrict your options to a German Shepard only, give the fluffy ones a try. Yes, get a cuddly face instead of scary one because they send the thieves running away.

Cute dogs are a big turn off because they don’t stop barking, and your neighbors actually do a damn about them. Not to say a German Shepard will send your neighbors running away, so they won’t be surprised if he barks anytime soon. But they will at least take a look if a cute one is making a hell of noise.

Stash Your Kitchen

Your kitchen can be a sanctuary because it’s the last place any burglar will go to. They don’t look for a safe in your kitchen. Kitchens tend to be in the middle of your house and going their takes too much time and risk.

Someone who breaks into your home wants to be in and out quickly. So they don’t bother checking the kitchen, not unless they want a quick bite. The first place any thief checks out is your master bedroom because it’s obvious you keep important stuff like jewelry, smartphones and other stuff there.

Therefore, it will be a lot safer if you find a good place of stashing such things in your kitchen.