Specializing in Cardiovascular, Peripheral, as well as Structural Heart interventions to Make Hearts Beat with Ease!

The heart is at our core...its beats keep us alive, so if it isn’t healthy, the rest of the body fails. For those suffering from heart disease, heart attacks, and other vascular-related ailments, finding a doctor that can provide you with high-quality care is of the utmost importance. For a top-notch doctor with an all-star track record of helping his patients thrive, look no further than Dr. Nassir Azimi of Sharp Grossmont Hospital.

Dr. Nassir Azimi, M.D., F.A.C.C., F.S.C.A.I., F.A.S.N.C.

Hard working and persistent, Dr. Azimi has a history of climbing to success. He was a refugee in Pakistan as a child, until his family ultimately traveled to the U.S. He learned the English language in only six months, and after five years of education, the young Dr. Azimi received a scholarship to Columbia University where he completed his B.A. in chemistry. From there, he attended Dartmouth Medical School and completed his residency at the University of Colorado. Following, he completed a fellowship in Cardiovascular and Peripheral Interventions at the prestigious Yale University. Today, Dr. Azimi has been in private practice for over 16 years. During that time, he’s established a thriving clinical practice for cardiac patients and treats patients for peripheral vascular disease.

Currently, Dr. Azimi is the Chief of Medicine and Chief of Endovascular Medicine at Sharp Grossmont Hospital. He is also an investigator in multiple clinical research studies for various cardiac and peripheral disease indications, plus, he’s on the California A.C.C. Board of Governors. Recently, Dr. Azimi received the Fellow of the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology.

In the 16 years, he has been in practice, Dr. Azimi has only lost one patient on the operating table—a record that proves his renowned efficiency. With impeccable training and a stellar history, he always puts his patients first. Well-respected by his colleagues, he is also the recipient of numerous awards including holding the Castle Connolly top Interventional Cardiologist placing in San Diego since 2012 and offering acute heart attack care that was ranked the best in the nation from 2010–13. With these accolades, it comes as no surprise that Dr. Azimi exudes confidence, determination, and skill.

Although Dr. Azimi is proud of his hard work and numerous accomplishments, he is most proud of his wife and two kids.


Dr. Nassir Azimi, M.D.,
F.A.C.C., F.S.C.A.I., F.A.S.N.C.        

Heart and Vascular Specialist

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