Spooky Yet Stylish: How to Decorate Your Home for Halloween

Halloween is one of the most anticipated holidays in the country. Falling just slightly behind Christmas and New Years, Halloween still makes more than 175 million people excited to participate in its festivities, as reflected in the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) most recent annual Halloween survey.

Of the NRF’s respondents, 72 percent plan to spend on decorations, which is projected to reach $2.7 billion. Meanwhile, 50 percent of all Halloween participants say they plan to decorate their home and yard. With so many people prepared to spend on Halloween decorations, how can your home stand out from the rest?

You don’t have to lose an arm and a leg just to compete against other homes. What you need to do is keep your decorations spooky and stylish at the same time, even on a budget. You can do this by incorporating elements of industrial modernism into your designs and repurposing everyday objects.

Stylish Halloween Design Ideas

Decorating your home to make it spooky yet stylish will definitely help you stand out from the usual paper bat cut-outs and cute jack-o-lanterns most homes will have. You can repurpose everyday objects into creepy but stylish pieces in your Halloween home with a little imagination and creativity.

Minimalist fireplace mantel designs

Hosting your Halloween party indoors means your guests will spend a lot of time in your kitchen and living room. They will naturally notice your fireplace as it is in the middle of your living room. Use this to your advantage and decorate your hand carved mantel over the antique fireplace with fun, minimalist pieces.

Give your fireplace mantel a chic but spooky makeover by littering the decorative framework with little black spiders. Find old candle lights and paint them a muted gold to give off that antique vibe and place them on top of the mantel. Top this off with a sheer lace veil.

With a little artistic arrangement of how the veil should cover the spiders and the candlelight, your fireplace mantel will easily look stylish and spooky; exuding that old-timey vibe which appears elegant in daylight and eerie at night.

Modern industrial Halloween pieces

Today, interior designers think industrial is the new rustic. For fresh Halloween ideas, industrial-inspired materials top the list. These are objects with concrete, metals, cool neutrals, and clean lines in its design.

The spook factor of these pieces becomes an accent. You can buy minimalist black candleholders with a matte finish for that darker than black feel. Some other Halloween pieces you can look into are geometric skull concrete planters, cement coasters, and a forged bronze skull paperweight.

Made of sustainable materials, these design pieces can last a long time and you can reuse them as many times as you want. The minimalist, modern yet industrial feel of these objects will give off a chic yet spine-chilling vibe your Halloween decoration needs to stand out.


Repurposed everyday objects for your Halloween centerpiece.


Look around in your home for everyday objects you don’t use anymore. You can paint over discarded pickle and candy jars, easily turning these into spooky vases or candy holders. You can pick up antique-looking objects, like broken watches and jewelry, painting over pendants and necklaces.

Other everyday objects you can use are your pots and soup spoons in the kitchen. You can easily turn these into a small witch’s pot and add it to your Halloween centerpiece. You can also add twigs, branches, dead flowers, and leaves to contribute to its overall spooky feel.

Make your home spooky yet stylish this coming Halloween and standout from the rest by using repurposed everyday objects, buying sustainable spooky decorative pieces, and incorporating industrial minimalism into your interior design.