Steps To Take When Decorating Your Home


Believe it or not, every homeowner is likely to make mistakes when trying to decorate their home. You may not even realize you’re doing it and so you don’t take any action to fix the issues. It’s worth your time and energy to learn what you’re doing wrong and what adjustments are necessary.

All it takes is educating yourself and then figuring out solutions that will help you overcome these blunders. It’s nothing to feel bad about; it’s simply a reality of being a homeowner who wants their place to look nice but may not know all the tips and tricks for doing so correctly.

Start Small

There’s a reason people decorate their homes. It’s because it adds a personal touch and makes the space feel cozier and homier. Do nothing, and it’s likely you’ll feel as though you’re living in a drab box without much liveliness or sense of energy. If the idea of decorating makes you overwhelmed then start small by first learning what the experts recommend and slowly putting out items that enhance your space. You’ll enjoy your property that much more when you take the time to decorate and add a sense of style to your house.

Get Rid Of Clutter

The opposite of doing nothing is just as worse, and that’s creating too much clutter. Trying to put out all you own in a small space isn’t going to look nice and will soon cause you to become frustrated. It may even stress you out or make you feel anxious on a daily basis. Avoid this scenario by only placing out belongings that you feel absolutely drawn to and can’t live without. Go through what you own and get rid of or donate what you don’t need any longer. Decorate each room one at a time until it’s just the way you want it as to not stress yourself out trying to tackle the entire house at once.

Replace Old Furniture

When you move into a new home, it’s tempting to want to keep what furniture you have even if it doesn’t fit right into your new space. You’re making a mistake by not replacing old pieces and purchasing or retrieving new items that go with your home style and each particular room. For example, if you now have a larger dining area to work with, then you’d want to consider investing in an extendable dining table so you can alter the size based on the occasion or amount of people who are sitting down for a meal.

Use Color

While a black and white design is an option, you always want to incorporate some color into your home. A good way to think about it is by adding a pop of color here and there and not over saturating any one area with too many bold hues. Think about adding pillows, rugs, blankets and vibrant plants throughout your house. It’ll make your property feel more alive and give it additional energy which will instantly lift your mood and create a sense of happiness for you. The key is to not be afraid to include color in your home design and make it look a little spunkier then what you might normally envision.  

Install Window Treatments

Many homeowners leave their windows bare and don’t think twice about what to put over them. While doing nothing is an option, it’s also a big mistake that won’t make your home look as nice. Know that windows simply look a lot better when they’re properly attended to. Consider adding window treatments such as blinds, shades, and drapes to not only enhance their appearance but also add a layer of privacy for you. Although, this is a project you’ll need to budget for it’ll be worth your hard-earned money in the end. Keep your windows clean, install treatments and let the sunshine and fresh air in whenever you can, and you’ll be all set.

Test Paint Colors

Save yourself time and energy by always testing different paint colors on your walls before actually applying the paint. Go to the paint store and talk with an expert who can help you come up with a few shades to try on your walls at home before making a final decision. Paint up your walls with the different options and see which sit well with you before you move forward with this project. You want to make sure it’s the right shade and color choice for each particular room before you spend time and money upgrading your walls. Either do it yourself or hire a contractor who can help you get the more difficult areas.

Consider The Foyer

Your entrance is similar to a first impression when you meet another person for the initial time. You want people to be impressed by what they see and instantly feel welcomed in your home. Make this a reality by paying special attention to your foyer and not ignoring this space. It’s common for homeowners to decorate their entire home and forget all about the main entrance in doing so. You have many different options when it comes to decorating your foyer such as adding an area rug, hanging hooks for coats and maybe including a big plant or placing a picture or mirror on the wall. Keep in mind this is the one area everyone will see when they enter your home. Start as you mean to go on as you welcome people into your home.


Although these mistakes happen and they’re pretty common, the good news is that they can also easily be undone. All it takes is you paying attention to the details and getting up to speed on what the experts recommend you should and shouldn’t do in your home. Use the suggestions in this article to fix your oversights and make your home look better than ever. What will help is if you make a list of to-dos and then prioritize your projects and start tackling them one by one.