Students: Dressing for Success Goes Beyond Fashion


There’s an age-old adage about dressing for the job you want, not for the job you have. This notion applies to many things in life. It’s not just fashion that you should ensure is luxurious, but everything else from the equipment you use to even where you stay. For students just starting out, your accommodation can be just as imperative to your success as healthy eating or just putting effort into your appearance. When you want to not only get good grades, but make friends, join societies, and even get those imperative internships, you need to work hard and aim to be your vision:


  1. Live in Luxury

Living in luxury is possible for anyone, regardless of your budget. You could start off right by renting student accommodation from Collegiate, or you could put effort into updating what you have. Your accommodation needs to be clean, it needs to be neat, and above all, it needs to be a place where you can both relax in, and finish an all-nighter. The more effort you put into feeling safe and comfortable, the better because this will likely be your first time away from home.


  1. Put Effort into Your Appearance

It can be very easy to go to your morning lectures in your pajamas, but you shouldn’t. Not only is this disrespectful, it’s also not putting you’re in the right frame of mind to learn and to succeed. Wake up early, put effort into your outfit and your appearance, and you’ll not only feel great, you’ll be more awake and alert.


  1. Health, Health, Health

One of the biggest pitfalls most students make is not being healthy. University is more than partying, drinking, and eating pasta. Aim to eat healthy meals, drink enough water, and get a proper night’s rest. To make the most of university for your future career, you need to be able to balance a lot of different activities. The more you do, the more you’ll get out of your experience. To do this, you need to be healthy, alert, and on the top of your game.


  1. Keep Striving

University can be exhausting, but if you strive to do your best on your assignments, with your societies, with your friends, and with internship hunting, you can not only be a well-rounded, educated person once you graduate, you can even have a great career lined up. University isn’t just there to give you everything that you need to succeed. You need to go out and make the most of it yourself. Try to set a routine for yourself that allows you to achieve your goals.


Dressing for the part is only one part of dressing your life for success. Ensuring that your accommodation is top notch is another. You want to feel at home, you want it to be a safe place for yourself for when it becomes too much, and you also want it to be a good space to work in. Gear your life, your habits, and your routines towards your goals, and you’ll make the most of university.