Sweat Meets Tech: 7 Fitness Tech Picks for 2017

The Coolest Gadgets to Improve Your Health and Fitness Game

Kate Spade Wrist Tracker, $98-$125

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From FitBit bands to smartwatches, getting fit and staying motivated is easier than ever. With so many new combinations of fitness and technology, data is about to be your best friend. These seven gadgets making hitting the gym a super informative learning experience for every workout. Free up some space on your phone (because there’s an app for everything) and get ready to smart-ify your gym bag. 



Kate Spade Wrist Tracker, $98-$125

Fashion finally meets function in Kate Spade’s line of cute, wearable tech accessories. The line offers a range of beautiful bangles, bracelets and hybrid smart watches that track steps, sleep and personal habits. Plus, you can set goals (like water intake or exercise) and get reminders to complete them. Though the bracelets act more as a daily accessory, they are perfect for those new to the fitness wearables market.