Terra Bella Founder Discusses Finding the Perfect Landscaper

All the dirt on hiring the right landscaper for your home garden designing needs



Minimalistic, future-forward landscape designs are all the rage in Southern California. Want to hop on the bandwagon with your neighbors? First, make sure you hire the right person to lead your project. Whether you know exactly what you want or have no idea where to begin, finding a landscaper who can make your vision come to life is key. The possibilities are endless.  Creating the perfect outdoor dining oasis? Perhaps adding a touch of flare to your boring garden? Whether it’s a simple project or a complete remodel, a good landscaper is vital. Terra Bella Landscaping founder, Jason Jarivs, offers up some helpful tips to make sure the right landscaper heads your spring garden project.


Pay attention to a landscaper’s qualifications

This is one of the most important factors when hiring a professional landscaper. Indeed, it's important they are both experienced and knowledgeable in the business. For starters, reputable landscapers are always trained and certified. “Making sure they are licensed is also very important,” Jarvis explains. How? Go online to cslb.ca.org to check to make sure whoever you hire is licensed to work in the state of California.


“They have to do it the right way or they could be fined,” Jarvis adds. “They also need to have insurance. Just think about it this way, you wouldn’t want someone who is unqualified fixing your car, right? Hiring a reputable company to do your landscaping just makes the process easier. It gives the client piece of mind,” Jarvis says. There is also the added element of feeling secure that the company will still be around when your landscape needs a touch up. Also, do basic research on your landscaper to look at some of their previous projects. Make sure the landscaper has a similar style to what you’re going for. Jarvis says he always makes sure to show his clients his previous work to give them an idea of what he can provide.


Consider the cost

Come up with a budget early on in your planning process. Talk to different landscapers, and see what they can do for you with the amount you’ve chosen. Jarvis says material cost is always the biggest factor. If you want to import some type of material in from France, it’s going to cost a lot more than your average red brick wall. You also have to consider cost when thinking about what kind of lot your residence sits on. An inclined rocky lot is going to need a lot more work done to it, making it far more expensive. Also pay attention to how much a company wants to charge you before the design process starts.


The Landscaping Network says that you shouldn’t pay the full amount before the actual digging and planting begins. “Under California law there is a $1000 deposit when signing a contract, and then a payment plan is usually created for the rest of the project,” Jarvis says. Plus, if the end product isn’t what you wanted, you'll be glad you have a structured payment system set up so that you can trust them to stick with it.


Make sure there's communication

Lastly, ensure whoever you higher is personable. Someone who is transparent about everything they are going to do and gives off a good first impression is normally a person who will work well with you. These important qualities lead to a good working relationship, which translates to a good finished product. When a landscaper understands exactly what you want, you won’t be disappointed in the end. Many of Jarvis’ clients have now become his real life friends because they work so well together.. Cooperation and communication can go a long way. Especially in the world of plants and design.