The Benefits Of Dress Hire Vs Buying: What To Know

In this day and age, people don’t just wear clothes for necessity, they wear it for social status as well. That’s the reason why clothing brands don’t just make dresses or clothes that are simple, and practical, they have to make them really pretty and eye-catching now. In the words of a millennial, it has to be instagrammable.


However, this mindset has also become a problem for some because this lifestyle can put a strain to your budget. If you love some very expensive brands of clothing then it can be a huge problem because the price tag of these clothes can be enough to buy your meals for the whole week. So another option would be to hire a dress. If you haven’t heard of this yet, then here’s what you need to know about hiring versus buying a dress:


Hiring a Dress


Some people might find it weird to wear clothes other than theirs but renting could be the best thing for you and your budget. There are many benefits of renting clothes especially if you can find a legit and reputable shop in Sydney, Australia like The Volte Dress Hire. Of course there are more shops who offer the same services but finding one that has various designer labels and high-quality products can be difficult.


Here are some benefits of renting:




Price-wise, renting is definitely a much more practical choice because you can wear the clothes you like for a small fraction of the original price. So if you need to attend a wedding or any other special event, and you want a certain look but the dress you would like to wear is very expensive, renting that dress would definitely be more practical.


Hiring dresses and clothes for photoshoots can also be more practical especially if you only get to wear it once. So just shoot and return it the next day.




One of the downsides of hiring a dress is that you won’t be able to find every dress from all designers in every collection. Some shops would also offer dresses only from a specific brand or designer. So if you want variety, the key is finding the right shop that offers a varied choice of dresses and clothes.


But if you’re the type who is open to ideas and isn’t really looking for something specific, rather you’re just browsing through, then there might be a dress for you yet.


Although choosing to hire a dress might limit your choices, there are shops who offer high quality dresses and clothes from amazing fashion houses and brands. The dresses and clothes are so pretty it’s hard not to hire them for your next event.




Hiring a dress often makes you worried whether the dress would fit you well or not. After all, some people have different body shapes despite sharing the same dress size.


Although shops often offer a special price, altering the dress so it can fit you better is not always an option.


Some shops would allow temporary alterations but definitely not some permanent ones. If a shop allows you to alter a dress though, it may come with an additional fee.


Closet Space


Many people may not think of this as important but it is. You have to consider whether you still have a space in your closet for new clothes because you can’t just let your clothes lie on the floor. However, when you’re hiring a dress, you don’t have to think of this because you’ll have to return the dress. This means you won’t need permanent space in your closet.


Buying a Dress


Buying a dress or clothing is one thing that every fashionista would love to do for the rest of their life. Of course, if you can do it, you should. There are great benefits to buying clothes but there are some issues that have to be addressed.


Here’s what you have to know:




Price is definitely one of the main reasons why a person often decides to go the alternative route and rent instead of buying. Clothes or dresses for special occasions will cost you hundreds of dollars, if not thousands which depends on the brand or style of your choice.


Buying a dress or clothing for special occasions is often considered impractical because often times, you’ll only get to use it once. However, if you already plan to use the dress or clothing multiple times in many ways for multiple occasions, then you should totally go ahead and buy it.


However, fashion trends tend to change fast so what’s fashionable now may not be fashionable in the next three months or so. So time is a big consideration if you plan to wear the clothes multiple times. But some people also like a vintage style, so if you like that and you think that kind of style suits you, then buying clothes now for later is okay.




If you’re planning to buy the dress or clothing, then the only limit to your choices would be your budget. If budget is not an issue, then the choices you have is as varied as your imagination can go.


The difficulty lies in the amount of budget you have. If you’re looking for designer dresses like Dior, Dolce and Gabbana or other similar brands, be prepared to shell out thousands of dollars. Buying clothes that are super expensive is often only afforded by people who are super rich.


For those working with a budget, the option would be to look at cheaper versions of the expensive dress that you have in mind. These days, you’ll always be able to find a cheaper version of any high-end haute couture dress of any fashion house. Of course, nothing beats the original but if you only have to wear it once, it would be more practical to look at cheaper alternatives. Or you could always hire a dress instead.




Another benefit of buying a dress is that you choose a dress that can fit your body like a glove. If the size you bought doesn’t fit you like how you imagined, you can have it altered.


Closet Space


It’s important for those who like to buy new dresses and clothing to think of closet space because clothes have to be taken care of by properly storing them in the closet. Buying clothes means it has to have a permanent spot in your closet so make sure you still have space left in there for your new purchases.


In the end...


There are times when hiring a dress or clothing is more practical than buying it, and there are times when buying is more practical. The choice is yours to make. However, it’s great to know that there are alternatives for you.