The Essential Guide to Buying Wedding Gifts

Planning a wedding is no easy task, and without the help, as well as continued support, of close friends and family members, your wedding day might not be the day you dreamed it always would be. Finding the best way to thank them for all their hard work will need time and consideration so that they know how much you appreciate everything they did for you. This useful guide should help you find a gift, whether this is for the father of the bride, groomsmen, bridesmaids, or maid of honor.

Stick To Your Budget

As you will know, financing a wedding is by no means cheap, and so just like everything else that is involved in the planning stage, it’s important to only shop for what you can afford. Before you buy anything, you will need to create a budget and stick to it. Above all else, your gift should be thoughtful, so refrain from spending too much money on a gift just because you feel you have to buy one. Start looking early and get an idea of the kinds of gifts they will like instead of panic-buying something and overspending.

Think about Who You’re Buying For

Before you start looking into the gifts you’re buying, you will need to think carefully about who you are buying for. What might work for the groomsmen might not work for the bridesmaids. Sit down with your partner and discuss whether you think a gift will work for all those you are buying for or whether you need to go a bit more personal. If it is the latter, then spend some time thinking about each person's interests and personalities.

Book An Experience

Experiences work well as gifts as usually, they’re not the sort of present that someone would book for themselves. They’re an extravagance in many cases, especially if it entails driving a supercar around a motor circuit, going for dinner at a Michelin star restaurant, or even diving out of a plane.

There are so many of these excursions to choose from, so do your homework and figure out which ones would be most appropriate for the people you’re buying them for. While the experience might be perfect for the groomsmen, for example, a pass to a local brewery, it might not be so great for the maid of honor (or then again, depending on the maid of honor in question, it might be perfect!).


Personalized gifts add a touch of the extra special because they are unique by design. For weddings, in particular, having a gift inscribed with the date of the ceremony is a great way to help them remember a special day, or by engraving their name, it stands to reason that it should be an all-round cherished gift. Now the challenge is finding the perfect gift to engrave, however here is a handy list of the kinds of items that you should be looking for:


  1. Fountain pens – ideally look for one that is silver plated and ornate.
  2. Jewelry – for the bridesmaids or maid of honor, jewelry could be the perfect gift to say thank you for all their help.
  3. License plate - this suggestion is somewhat of a curveball, but if you know that the groomsmen would like the gift, then there’s no harm in looking into getting personalized plates for them. This is, of course, if they’ve expressed interest in having them previously.
  4. A hand-crafted pewter tankard is designed for use and not the shelf. Engraving their name or message will make a fantastic gift even more special that the father of the bride should love.
  5. Miscellaneous ideas include photo frames, cutlery and crockery, glassware, and wooden items such as chopping boards, clocks, and candle holders.

Handmade items are another way to add individuality to your gift as well, so be careful and original in your search.

Universally Appreciated

There are some gifts that have stood the test of time, because they are classic and functional, and most people still appreciate being given them. These items include the likes of:

  1. A case of wine, or a particularly lavish bottle of champagne or whiskey, for example.
  2. A bouquet of flowers is a wonderful yet small gesture that could be perfect for your bridesmaids.
  3. Gift card for their favorite shop – although this can sometimes be seen as a last minute gift idea, gifting your bridesmaids or the maid on honor with a gift card with a set amount of money on will give them the chance to buy something they really want and will use.
  4. Furniture and household equipment are usually reserved for the happy couple, but if you know the person (whether this is the father of the bride or the groomsmen) who you are gifting well, you may know what they need, and this could be a fantastic purchase.

For more ideas on universally appealing wedding gifts, check out this useful guide to help you select the perfect present.


Ask Yourself Whether You’d Like And Use It

As aforementioned, don’t get trapped into buying a gift just because you’ve left it too late to properly shop around. Before purchasing any gift, ask yourself whether you could use it – if it’s pretty much useless, then it’s time to think again. Look for items that will genuinely come in handy, for example. Consider the shelf life of the article in question, and if it doesn’t appear as though it’ll stand the test of time, then, again, it’s a good idea to redirect your search to find a gift that will be loved and thoroughly appreciated.

Hopefully, this article has helped you start the process of buying gifts for those that have helped you create a magical day. Resist the urge to buy a tacky gift for someone, as it’s a waste of money and most likely, won’t go to use. Shop sensibly, and pick gifts that can be used, are good quality, and are personal. Always be sure of how many you have to buy for and get some ideas of the type of gifts that are going to be practicable, and unique, and you should find success in finding the perfect gifts.