The Importance of Appearance in Success


Stores rely on a number of ways to influence buyers, ranging from coupons to circulars. However, their in-store tactics are worth looking at because there are so many different ways that the supermarkets use to market items in-store and separate them from similar products. Colors, fonts, and other graphic elements are used to create specific interest in the items, and those techniques are worth looking at when it comes to deciding on how to market a product in the supermarket.

Colors and Standing Out

The most basic technique is to take advantage of colors. There are some great attention-grabbing colors that one can use to grab the attention of shoppers, and those colors each have a different connotation to shoppers. Traditionally, the main colors are the primary colors of red, blue, and yellow, with a preference for red. These colors evoke the most basic of emotional responses, with yellow evoking a warm feeling given its similarity with the sun and other light sources, while blue, especially navy blue and sky blue, tends to evoke freedom. Red is just a color that people see as a warning color in the natural world, and so it is natural that it would attract a lot of attention in the store.

Other colors have come to the fore. Gold tends to work with products that are trying evoke a certain feeling of expensiveness and worthiness, and it is used liberally with luxury items. Purple tends to be used for products that consider themselves the best, drawing on the belief that purple is the color of royalty. Green is a color that is definitely coming into its own. Originally, it worked well for products that were trying to emphasize a simpler feel, but as consumers increasingly look for natural products, they are looking for products that use green to advertise their natural status.

Putting it on Display

Some items are not found on shelves but in their own display cases. POP displays can be found throughout the store. These generally bright, colorful displays make it hard to ignore the product that they display and make customers take notice of them. They can also be moved as necessary in order to make way for other displays or to just to simply be placed in different locations as needed. This allows the sellers of those displays to not only create some in-store advertising but to make it easier to find the products as needed. It is just a matter of making the display as bright and hard to ignore as possible.

Spelling it Out

Fonts are also important. Items geared towards men tend to use stencil or simple fonts such as Helvetica. Products that are supposed to be a little more luxurious tend to use cursive fonts with the more swirls the better. Goods targeting children tend to use fun fonts over more serious ones, just as those intended for parties do. In this regard, the font being used by a product can tell you a lot about the product and who it is intended for, with virtually every general use and demographic having its own font.

Getting Graphic

Besides taking advantage of colors you would use for decoration, packages often use other graphic elements to get people to bring them home. By using friendly faces or fun characters, some products have you looking for a familiar mascot. By focusing on finding those mascots, customers tend to ignore other products in favor of their chosen targets. This is especially true of children's products, but the supermarket is full of familiar faces, ranging from Mr. Clean in the home supplies aisle to the bears and lumberjacks in the paper aisle. A familiar face can easily sell a product making mascots sort of fun to find and purchase.

Making Your Product Seen

What all of this means is that it is not just important to have a great product, but to also have a great marketing plan to back the item. Too many products are really not all that different from similar products. It usually comes down to some variation in appearance that can make all of the difference between a successful product and one fated for the clearance rack. Keep that in mind and you should be able to design a great and successful appearance for your product.