The Most Enjoyable Ways to Enjoy CBD Oil




Lots of people have been desperate to try CBD oil for years. It comes with a huge number of health benefits that can change your life forever. Are you interested in testing it out? It’s completely legal, so there is nothing getting in your way.

You don’t even need to swallow a few capsules or drop oil directly into your mouth. Lots of tasty CBD oil recipes have sprung up everywhere, which I’m sure you’ll be desperate to use. Here are a few of the best treats you can add to your diet.




Are you the kind of person that turns on Netflix when you come home from work? If so, I’m sure you don’t like to watch TV all night without enjoying delicious food. Nothing comes close to a tasty-chips and dip combination.


You should replace your regular dip with CBD labneh. It’s a special yogurt they use to make cheese, but it also goes well with a big bag of chips. You’ll just have to make sure you don’t eat enough to feed an entire family.


Gourmet Popcorn


If you want to pretend you’re at the movies you can enjoy gourmet popcorn instead. You will need to find the best CBD oil available to mix into your butter. Once it’s done you can sprinkle it onto your popcorn before devouring it.




A huge percentage of Americans can’t leave home in the morning without drinking coffee. It’s the only way they can get through the day. Luckily, coffee comes with a lot of health benefits you don’t even know about.


When the beans are infused with CBD oil, it takes its healing properties to the next level. You should start buying these beans from now on. Don’t worry about the taste because you’ll still love every last drop of your coffee.


Pesto Sauce


I’m sure you appreciate Italian food as much as the next person. There is a good chance you eat it a couple of times per week. Hopefully, you cover the pasta in pesto sauce, because you can add CBD oil to it in seconds.


It’s possible to combine it with tomato sauce too but make sure it’s in a cold dish. If you don’t know how to make lots of Italian dishes search for good recipes. You don’t want to limit yourself to the same ones all the time.


Olive Oil


If you love eating delicious salads, they’ll become even healthier when you add CBD oil to the olive oil before sprinkling it on. It works with any kind of oil in case you’re wondering. For maximum results, you can start eating a salad with every meal.


Fruit Smoothies


If you want to guarantee you’re consuming enough micronutrients, you should drink fruit smoothies. Even if you don’t have lots of free time you’ll be able to blend fruits with a little CBD oil in less than 5 minutes.


Craft Beer


You will eventually get sick of drinking mass produced beers. There isn’t anything particularly special about them. It’s the reason why craft beers have exploded in popularity. The next time you’re testing some look for any infused with CBD oil.


Come up with Your Own Ideas


We’ve discussed a few ideas you’ll be able to get started with, but there is even more out there. It’s definitely the tastiest way to get all the health benefits from CBD oil. You’ll get bored swallowing oil all the time.